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  1. Hey guys, Cant believe its been 3 years since i last posted on here. An Update: She went to the tribunal for benefit fraud and lost her appeal. she said it looked like they had already made their mind up. that was sometime ago. the benefit fraud guys took her for prosection in the crown court and after 3 days of prosecution evidence shown to judge and jury, the judge decided to throw the case out without the defence having to do anything at all. the judge said that the whole evidence was for letters coming to her house nothing else. he said that the sky tv bill could'v
  2. No ESA was not appealed. She didn't want to go through the appeals again. And she wants go work anyway.
  3. hi guys, just an update. good news first: she got the HB turned back on. dont know if i told you guys but they stopped her ESA for a while so now she's on jobseekers. at least she has some money coming in. bad news: the dwp decision makers have not judged in her favour, and sent a massive file with appeal papers, which we have filled in and sent back to courts. will let you know when i get a chance to go through the 900 page file.
  4. no she has just kept up with what the judge asked her to do before: which was £5 per week till the HB claim comes through.
  5. so another week of going up to council offices everyday. no one seems to know what the hell is going on. finally on friday someone from benefits agency phones up and starts another new claim. so now they will take another 3 weeks to decide weather she will get HB or not. its cutting it very fine for the suspended court hearing.
  6. a little update guys: the benefits office said they would get back to her in 4 weeks. well surprise, surprise. they didnt get back to her. my friend went to the LA office on friday morning, and she got a load of "we know yr ex is living there and has lived there" accusations. my friend conducted herself with dignity and didnt get involved with the HB officer's accusations. she asked about her new claim and was told that due to DWP not getting back to them, then the LA couldnt do anything. well later on that day, someone from the LA called her on phone, and told her that
  7. will she not be able to strike a deal to pay rent and a little bit more, until she clears the arrears? i'm lost again
  8. the plan at the moment is hopefully she gets the HB claim. she has given them all the proof they have asked for. other than her ex's proof of income. (which i have no idea what they want that for) when that comes through she will still have 4 wks before court. so if the claim goes badly, then she doesnt know what to do. she cant go and rent privately, because the rent is more than HA. so i suppose she will have to start paying full rent and eat beans on toast.
  9. How are both you guys doing right now? Did you ever sort it all out?
  10. She is paying off £5 a week. But it won't mean anything if HB doesn't come in. Rent probably stands at about £2200. Edit.
  11. Estellyn you are a great help. Her solicitor is currently on holiday and will be back in the office on Monday. I will go and talk with him directly. And find out exactly what is going on. And then I shall write On here. Someone said that we cant really answer questions unless we know the story. Well I'm working on finding out. Just bear with me please.
  12. i dont know of any liability order. what i do know is that she went to court for the CT. a man from LA spoke to her in lobby. and he said (something in lines of) he does not know what is going on with this. and that she should go home and he would write to her. where do i get hold of a welfare rights person? as far as i know she has a letter from the courts to say they have the appeal and will let her know of the outcome when it happens. can she get the papers back, and can she put extra evidence in there before the appeal gets heard?
  13. this is going to be a problem because the solicitor has already sent in the appeal pack. hey, what happens if at the appeal, the appeal gets turned down? is there a further appeal?
  14. the appeal has been sent in. thats what i meant. solicitor has sent the appeal in.
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