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  1. Hi all, thanks for your replies. I have been house sharing for nearly 2 years though. I need somebody at the house because of my illness. I am booked in to see CAB. I'm just really scared about what will happen. I don't understand why they cant tell me what evidence they have or the reason for this. Could it be because I haven't informed them of the child tax credits? If it is because I House Share then why would they want to interview me? I have always declared this and only claim for 1 person on the benefit. I don't claim extra for my son. I am just so incredibly scared. I'm not sleeping and just feel so anxious. I don't know where to turn.
  2. Hi, I have received a letter inviting me to an interview under caution at my council offices. An officer from the council and the DWP will be interviewing me. Nobody will tell me the reasons for this. The only reason on the letter is 'We have reason to believe that you may have failed to declare your true circumstances'. The only thing that I can think it could be is the fact that I have had a baby. I am not claiming an extra housing benefit since having the baby as I currently house share. I suffer very greatly with depression and anxiety. I have started receiving child tax credits. Could this be the reason? I informed everyone when I had the baby, he's 11 months now, but may not have told the council as I was not planning to claim any extra benefit from them. Please help me, I am not coping at all well with this.Thanks
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