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  1. Hi all looking for info, I reversed my work van into a post and put a dint into it, now work are saying they are taking £250 out my wages to cover the costs, now I only earn £830 and that's after tax I got my pay slip and the have taken it so I have only got £630 carnt pay my bills now ie rent and council tax, are my work allowed to do this??? Surely they have company insurance??
  2. I've offered the £30pm for 6 months till I get back on track with my finances then will try an pay a few huge chucks off but they have refused saying I need to pay the full amount or court action will start in 14days, I don't know what to do as I just don't have the money I'm willing to pay £30pm so far but they will not accept this, what should I do, it's there in house collects depo I think,
  3. Just got home and got a letter from Lloyds they have sent me a default notice or my overdraft with us £3900 I think about 2k of it is all the stupid chargers they have added which makes me so mad, where do I go from here? Will they be taking me to court now they have issued a default notice?? Don't really want a CCJ
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you need to hand deliver the form 4 to the court where the bailiff got his certificate or am I wrong
  5. Only equIfax that is the only one I am registered on
  6. Yes I took it out online but it is not on my credit file strange one,
  7. UPDATED Hay guys, I stopped paying ARC and asked them to prove I own the debt as it is not on my credit file, they said because it was a pay day loan it will Not appear on my credit file and try now own the debt as they bought it from Quickquid, they also so I have electronically signed the agreement online so I am liable and if they do Not receive payment they will start court proceedings :s can payday loans be turned in CCJ's the debt is for £625 original loan was £500 paid about £60 on it so far before I canceled the standing order, should I still send a Sar to arc??? What can they really do????
  8. Btw I tryed to SAR vanquish before and they returned the cheque saying they did not understand my request
  9. I never keep the statements but I know the credit limit is 1000 and the last statement I had the balance was nearly 1500, do I send them a SAR so I can get all the info and start claiming?
  10. Update Spoken to vanquish who TOLD me because I failed to pay ontime and yet have my card details on there system they took it autaticaly errrrrr I don't think so as I told them I would phone and pay, the lady then started being horrible saying they should of took the whole amount !!! Where do these people come from gezzzzzzz I asked for her name and said I was complaining and the surprise surprise the line went dead!!
  11. Hi all I was in arrears with my vanquish and I agreed to a 50pm payment plan just to get them Off my back if I'm Honest I think I had 12 missed calls from them in one day they are crazy! I told them That I would call and make the payment on the due date, now due to me having family issues I couldent call till the next day, I checked my bank and they already took it which was strange because I never gave them my bank details so they have set a DD or took the £50 without telling me I'm Sure they carnt do this because I said I would call and pay it so why are the keeping my details on file? Is there anything I can do? BTW vanquish are a bunch of jokes you would think there collection team where bailiffs the way they go on
  12. Vanquish have to be the worse creditor I have ever had to deal with, they ring at least 3 times a day even when I set an arrangement they still ring, I think I had a call at 8:50pm one night then again at 8am the next morning they are crazy! Defo need some action taking against them there are much worse than pay day loans for harassing customers, and congradz for winning against them, if you don't mind me asking what was the case for?
  13. It's a quickquid loan I couldn't afford and they would jot set a payment plan up, I changed banks and they couldent get the money so I got a phone call from arc saying they have the debt now I rang quickquid who informed me they sold it, should I ask arc for proof they own the debt? The payday loan was from August 2012
  14. Just a quickie, I have been paying ARC £20 a month for a payday loan I defaulted on, now ARC never send me a balance or it is not on my credit file now I'm thinking should I stop paying it? It's not on my credit file And if ARC own the debt then shouldent it be on my file? Anyone know what they would do if I just ignored them and stopped paying?
  15. Pay then the original loan amount and one months intrest tell them that's all they are getting if they try to take more then inform OFT QQ are the worst out of everyone I believe if they will not accept you offer then tell the £1 a month till they agree, and pay via bank transfere do not give them your account details and try to stay in control of everything don't let them walk over you because at the end of the day payday loans are legal loan sharks and they take advantage of the weak
  16. what about jacobs bailiffs ive had running s with theses, are they small time?
  17. Ok well first thing Monday I will send a sar and see what comes back and take it from there will keep you informed because I will need much help lol thank you
  18. I've had the account for about 15 years and the overdraft for about 5 years, it's been in the red for about 3 years I paid £30 into it for a few months the last money i paid It was about oct time but then I would get charged about £100 intrest so I stopped it was a waste of time now they closed it, I bet there is thousands of pounds worth of charges, so do I send a sar letter Tsb with £10 even thow they have closed the account??
  19. I think every month the charged me like £100 in charges should I send them a SAR, coul I claim charges back even thow the account has been closed?
  20. Hi all looking for some info, I had a Lloyds current account with a overdraft which was -3800, I got a default notice saying they where closing the account ect ect I checked online banking and it's gone, my question now is what happends?? Will I be issued with a court summons now?? Should I call Lloyds and ask?? I want to pay but can only afford bout 100 a month I really hope I don't get a CCJ the default notice I got in the post bout 6 weeks ago and not here's anything from them Since then! Any ideas thanks
  21. emmmm i rang robinsons way and asked who owns the debt, they said lloyds do, so why are they trying to collect it?
  22. I got a letter from Lloyds saying my credit card which I ow £1300 has been sold to robinsons way as I have not agreed to a repayment with them, I was paying £15 a month but the letter looks a bit iffy if I'm honest, not to sure what to do should I contact Lloyds see if they have sold it or contact robinsons way, I made a £15 payment to Lloyds on the credit card in oct so if not as if they have not had anything for ages!! Another question is will robinsons way now CCJ me Or do I just pay a set amount?
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