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  1. Yeah done that, And found lots of useful things. What I'm struggling with is all the official smoke and mirrors legal talk they blast about. Never been to court and don't know anyone that has so I have no idea what to expect.
  2. Hi, Got one of these letters that lots of people seem to be getting and a quick serch brought me here. I've already read through a lot of other cases and have got the idea of what to say. I just have a few issues I need to clear up if anyone can help! I will start with the facts. I sold the car in may 2010 via ebay. I have since contacted the guy who brought it and he confirmed that the V5C was filled in by both of us. I remember posting the V5C because the post box is directly opposite my house. First class of course. I can't not post it. It's across the road! From what he has
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