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  1. Well after finally gettin my finger out, i sent a letter to abbey asking for the money they owe me back with a schedule of charges worked out from moneyexpert.com i think. anyway they have replied with a letter basically saying, whoah, habg on, were not taking this further til the OFT case is done?? what do i do?
  2. Can somebody please give me the adress i need to send my preliminary request for repayment of charges letter to please! Ta
  3. |Sounds like a no win situation Where do i go from here then??
  4. Sorry, so how do i claim for non-compliance and claim damages based on an estimate?
  5. Right, ive had a quick look and i cant find the template for an estimated claim. Abbey havent responded, apart from a"sorry to hear your complaining letter" Anyone know where to find it plese??
  6. No reply yet! Only a few days to go to before LBA Found out ive been with abbey since september 02 today so if i was t proceed, do i need to do a projected claim? how do i go about this??
  7. Well i got 14 months statements throught the post yesterday! However ive also sent the letter regarding microfiche and requesting the rest of the statements for the other 5 years!! Anyway, just totting up on the statements alone, excluding interest charged while overdrawn, i was charged over £1400 in that period!!! And i thought that was a quiet year in relation to charges!!! Looks like i could be owed quite a bit!
  8. Thats fantastic news! I should ask Abbey for a copy on Microfiche if they refuse as i have a Microfiche reader at work!!
  9. Well after a bit of searching the forum (Helps you know lol) Ive copied, pasted and edited to suit the Microfiche Argument Letter and ill be sending that Recorded on monday!! Fingers crossed! Whats the average timescale for Abbey claims??
  10. Im gonna write again, i dont back down from things easily, but im unsure as of which letter to write!
  11. Cheers for the info Armsoft, Where can i find the letter you state above?? Sorry im a little slow when it comes to fourms/internet etc!! Ta
  12. Hi guys, well i sent my initial letter (Data Protection Subject Access Request) on 20th sept 06 and this is the letter i recieved. *MY ADDRESS* 10 October 2006 *THEIR REF* *MY AC No.* Dear Mr Travis Thank you for your letter dated 20th september 2006, which we recieved on 27th september 2006, requesting information on your bank account. I also acknowledge receipt of your £10 fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply a list of charges applied to your account for the last six years because we do not store this information seperately from other transactional data. We can only supply a list of the transactions on your account, which will include any details of any charges applied. I confirm that arrangements have been made for the information you have requested to be sent to you. The transactional information remaining on our systems, normally covering the last fourteen months, will be sent out in the form of duplicate statements. You should recieve these within five to seven working days of this letter. Any previous transactions have been archived onto microfiche and it is not possible to provide you with a computer print out of this information. However, we have made arrangements to send you a list of archived transactions between 2000 and 2005, under seperate cover. You have also asked for details of any 'manual interventions' that may have been made on your account and i am sorry that we are unable to help with this request. I can explain that we consider 'manual intervention' to mean an action that is not automatic or computer-driven. Not all manual interventions are recorded, for example if a member of staff looks at a paper document relating to your account, a record is not always required. Similarly some interventions may relate to work carried out by a deopartment rather than individuals where no central record of activity is kept because this is not the kind of information we need, or more importantly, that a customer would usually request. If you have any questions please call us on the above number. (08457654321 or fax 01274368639) Yours sincerely Pam Speed Business Manager Banking Servicing Just a few questions for you guys in the know! What exactly does this mean?!? Where do i stand?!? And what is my next course of action?!?! All help will be greatly appreciated and i will be making a donation on completion (if successful) of this claim. I estimate it to be around £5000 + as i have had a look at my last 6 months statements and discovered in 6 months alone i have incurred £630 in charges!! Thanks again!! Stu!
  13. Hi guys, been a member of the forum for a while, reccomended by a friend. Decided its happening far too often that abbey are taking on average 80 to 100 quid off me every month!! So yesterday i started proceedings and posted the data protection letter requesting my bank statements!! Hope all goes well! Anything in particular i need to take care with etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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