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  1. How about that - 8 months ago my baby's pram broke (frame ripped, wheel fell off). After lots of email exchange I was only offered fixed pram (although due to carrying a repair for over 8 weeks I had to buy a replacement pram for my baby anyway). They told me that during the repair they have misplaced my pram and cannot find it. They do not respond to emails or letter since. name of this company is Little Devils Direct from Glasgow. Second nice one is Orange - they have a special sim offer for calls abroad (included in your allowance). I purchased it, called abroad, but was charged separately and a full rate. They explained that the offer doesn't work with the first top-up. Apparently it didn't as well with second. I contacted customer service, they requested it all in writing. I wrote to the provided email, got automatic response that it's a wrong email (still orange, but dealing with different issues). So called again customer service, again was asked to put it in writing, again received email back that Im contacting the wrong department (again address provided by customer service). I went 3 times in a circle like that and moved from Orange to 3. Never got money back because apparently I didn't raise the case in the correct way....
  2. hello, Thank you all for help on this case. Unfortunately I just hit a dead end and it looks like it's absolutely fine and legal to: - produce dangerous goods - refuse any negotiation or being reasonable - NOT return neither goods, nor money.... (aka STEAL) My update is as follows: The pram I bought in April 2011 has been developing numerous faults, until the last one when the wheel ripped off the frame. It was still on warranty. The seller refused to bear any costs of return it to them, I paid for a courrier. Seller (in numerous rude emails) laughed at me demanding reimburesement rather than repair. I needed money as the accident happend abroad and I simply needed a pram to return to the UK with a 9 months old baby. I have given up on money after more rude emails, I had to accept a fixed pram. This decision was made over 2 months after the accident. I have contacted the seller that I moved home asking where is the pram? Seller said that because they didnt hear from me for a while (while they carried UNOTHORISED repair) they misplaced the pram in a warehouse and have no idea where it it. It was the last time I heard from the seller (29th August 2012) Since that time, the seller hasnt replied neither to my emails nor a letter (recorded delivery). I checked that: I cannot claim under section 75 as pram was paid via PayPal. I checked with the bank, I complained and even got into Financial Ombudsmen. It's not going to work. I checked with paypal, but they can only help if the claim is filled 6 weeks after the purchase. I checked with CAB - they advised the court. I checked with my legal advise on my chances in the court (on home insurance) - they told me that likely the case would be moved to Glasgow where the company is from (Im from London), so it will add even more costs for me. I sent a letter to trading standards - well, Im not hoping for much. In a meantime this company from hell received some prize for outstanding business growth and integrity! I was sick seeing that. So I used a pram for 9 months, and lost it 9 months ago. Company from hell doesnt respond and there is nothing I can do. Does anyone has any advice? Or I should just forget and let the thieves be?
  3. Hello, Apologies for my yet again delay update. I have just received in writing a reply from my credit card (MBNA) why they are not going to do anything. It says: "On review of the documentation you have provided, it appears that you have paid Little Devils Direct, who in turn used the money transfer company called Paypal. When a claim is assessed through Section 75, it is considered whether the parties involved formed part of a debtor (customer) - creditor (card issuer) - supplier (merchant) agreement. The agreement outlined above was between MBNA and PayPal. We believe it was Little Devils Direct who breached their contractual obligation to you, therefore there is no debtor (customer) - creditor (card issuer) - supplier (merchant) agreement. " I have looked at the reviews as mentioned, they were written shortly after my purchase! Sounds like a "batch" of prams was all damaged... I have contacted the company before I purchased the pram and all seemed ok. I even talked to them before purchase about warranty.... And yes, I reminded them about their T&C and all those nice slogans about customer care, well their response was that "we could be even more difficult". I still don't have a pram, because the company pretends they don't know if I live in England (where I live) or in Poland (where accident happened during holidays), and I'm too upset and frustrated to explain to those malicious people... I spoke to the layer and he said that without an old broken frame checked by an independent body I hardly stand a chance in the court. Please, any ideas? Do I really have to comply to this horribly company? Is my case lost?
  4. Well, just learned that: 1. cannot proceed under section 75, as in the payment third party (PayPal) was involved. So credit card claim is no good. PayPal no good as well, as it's beyond their time limits. 2. cannot win in the court as I have no independent expert opinion that the pushchair was defected - the pushchair is still with the horrible company and surely they have discharged the broken part. Seems like I have to accept that broken pushchair back, and if it breaks again get the independent opinion, but than I will still not get any money back, as it would be far too long after the purchase and damage could occur naturally.... If you have any advice I'm all ears as I feel right now that there is no justice for me. Thank you.
  5. Hello, Well here I am again - just an update. In response to my email written in a way as advised above, the seller very rudely replied that he challenges me to go to the court. He said that I'm completely unreasonable, and justified his rudeness by me being "difficult". I have passed all the correspondence and photos of the damage to my credit card company. Actually when writing a little summarise to my credit card, I have counted (and added all emails and photos) that the wheel was a sixth fault developed within 10 months of use. There were 5 others before! - Although minor faults, yet still needed repairs, small replacements and new parts. Just for a record I will report on the progress, as I've stopped correspondence with this company from hell, as soon as I passed the case to my credit card. I guess this is the right thing to do? Thank you for all your help! I'm really impressed how knowledgeable my readers, especially Labrat, are.
  6. I had it nearly a year before the final fault occured - exactly one week before the warranty expired.
  7. Hi, so here is a challenge - I had to pay courier costs to return a broken item, and when asked for reimbursement (using quotes from this thread) my horrible supplier responded abruptly: "We are perfectly aware of our legal requirements and although some of the information you have quoted is correct you seem to be misunderstanding the sale of goods act." The rest of the message they sent me was slightly rude and a bit threatening towards me... and containing points indirectly stating that I'm too stupid to understand law... Well any idea what would you replay to a supplier like that?
  8. Well, not suprisingly I have received very abrupt email from Little Devils saying that I might quote the correct legislation, but I don't understand it (nice). They are refusing to refund the purchase and although I said that 6 weeks without baby pram is surely unreasonable amount of time and unreasonable inconvenience, they happly said that it is a "grey area" (any parent of a baby under 1 would comment on that???). They refused to refund my shipment costs as well. I called the CAB and they have opened the case, but they said that my next step is to try through my credit card company. I'm not only insulted - in writing - by those people, very angry and really worried, as it seems like they keep selling unsafe products and other kids might be in danger. Maybe I actually should report their products as unsafe? As they obviously are ... I just went through all correspondence with the company to prepare a case for my bank and I discovered that within 10 months of use I had 5 faults including permanent damage of the brake and it is a THIRD! chassis they are offering me.... If you have any thoughts, would appreciate it!
  9. Hello Rebel11, Thank you, very interesting. I'm planning to contact the company tomorrow with new arguments thanks to you.
  10. Hi, The pram is called Matrix, it's sold by a small scottish company called Little Devils Direct. I bought it online from their website.
  11. Hi, I need an advice if it is possible to get a refund and a reimburesement of costs of postage for returning a faulty item to the seller. One week before the end of the warranty (12 months warranty) while having a walk with my baby the buggy broke in serious and dangerous way: the aluminium frame got ripped around the front wheel and the wheel fell off. We had a narrow escape from an accident, as the buggy dangerously tipped. A couple of months earlier I had an email exchange with the retailer when I felt that the pram is visibly leaning to one side and one of the wheels seemed to be higher than the 3 others. The company said that they will attempt a repair but I was expected to be with no pram for 2 weeks and to pay for postage (with 9 months old baby these were impossible conditions, so I resigned and hoped that the pram will not deteriorate). Obviously the fault was more serious than I have anticipated and it led to the accident. What's worse the accident happened while abroad. I have immediately contacted the seller with the photographic evidence. The seller was unhelpful demanding that I send the pram over on my own cost from abroad (refusing to even meet the British part of the courier cost), they also said that they are not obligated to help anyway as my warranty was over (not true), they told me that they will weld my pram (which I find impossible, unsecure and unfit for use of any baby). They were very argumentative or non responsive for many days, which was terrible as I was stranded abroad only with email contact with the seller. At the end I had to purchase a stroller to be able to return to the UK. Seller says that it was my choice (not a necessity due to unresolved issue and lack of communication); after several emails they have agreed to loan me a pram, delivered to my uk address and only if I pay for a postage for the loan (both ways). They cannot replace the broken part of the pram as they do not produce this model anymore. I demanded initially a new pram but they said a firm no, so I purchased a pram abroad and now I want my money back. I absolutely would never put my baby in a welded pram! (I asked while abroad, everyone refused a repair due to liability over a child's safety). How would you go around this case? Do you think it's reasonable to ask for money and postage back? How should I respond to the seller if they said they have repaired the pram?
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