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  1. hi well they have just rang back and with arrears they now want £73 a week off us intsead of £125 they have said this is a tempory arrangement and i asked what happens with the L.O will bailiffs be sent in etc ..they said we have an arrangment in place and whilst you are paying something of the arrears be it only 23 pound a week ..they wouldnt be looking at that kind of action..they can look at cases individualy and they have wriiten down on our case everything i have told them ...he said its only tempory and in the future the arrears must be paid up . i said how long till we do this again they said normally every year x do u think we safe for a bit ? should i write down everything he just said with time and date etc ...he is sending it all out in writting x
  2. well i rang the case worker up explained about the car , the house etc .. told him i had been in touch with the local mp ... he said he would ring the legal team back and contact me again. about an hour later he rings ..says thats he is having trouble sorting the case because its still with the compliance team ? ( we have been paying many many years every week so this it where it should be ) he said they need to move it it the non compliance team to get an LO ....he said he spoke to legal team and asked them what could be done ...they said they will get an L.O without hubby attending or knowing about it ..we will not get a letter ..its just so the judge can agree the amount of debt and make it legal ?? ( that carnt be right ) but the glimour of hope was that they will not be taking 40% out of hubbys wages as they need to consider all kids in the case including mine ..someone ringing today to do a budget with me see what i can pay ..they then need to ok this with the PWC and come to an arrangment ........wow i strongly feel using the words you said and mentioning MP has really gone in our favour ...friday they said they was not interested in my kids and now they are wanting to protect them ..he said x
  3. the child is nearly 14 ..im waiting a call from the case officer 2 moro to see if they will lower the deo as it getting to the point that where struggling to find husbands petrol for work ..the case officer is gonna check with the enforcement team and see what they say ...im going to ring up 2 moro with the car reg etc ..and also il also mention that the house deeds are just in my name ..i guess we have to play it by ear .. i have asked for a breakdown which the case officer is chasing and will have to wait for L.O and see what happens next ...would you advise my hubby to go to court ..or is it just a ruber stamping procedure ...we have stressed to csa that we do wont to pay all money we owe back but need a lower amount to do so .. can i just thankyou so much for taking the time to help me, friday night i felt the lowest i could possible get ...and you have given me help and hope x
  4. ty ..they have passed it to the legal enforcement team already but i think that is to get the L.O we have no assests...no way of getting any credit..very bad credit history ,council tax and water board have just given us ccjs .. and the house is in my name ..not my husbands x but his ex might have told them about the car she has seen me driving which is a motorbility car ..my dads so they may think this is ours but i can easily prove otherwise x
  5. hi i am new to this site and have just realised how to start a new thread for my query ..my hubby is already paying £125 a week for csa ..they have now told him they are getting a L.O for £14000 ..has anyone ever had an L.0 what will happen next ...will the baliffs give him chance to pay weekly ? ...money couldnt be any tighter than it already is ..me my hubby and our two children already going without gas and electric half the week ..has anyone else been in this situation ...i dont work as i care for someone who is terminally ill x
  6. and no his brother wasnt tested just my hubby his ex and the child ..at the time think the law was it had to come back above 93% to be liable for maintenance x
  7. hi thanks for your reply ...i have taken everything on board and plan to ring csa back on monday ...if it does go to an l.o what has anyone had happen next sorry if i repeating myself i dont think we can question paternity now we us already paying for so long x
  8. how can we find out if he has had an assesment imposed on him ?
  9. and the other thing which is always at the back of my mind ...12 years ago we did a dna ..his ex addmitted to cheating ..it came back saying it was 95.2 % my husbands child ...most positive dna test come back 99.999 etc ...the odds are its my hubby child ..but the person she cheated with was my husbands half brother /cousin we dont want to question paternity again so havent raised this issue but can you see why its always on the back of our mind ..to add insult to injury the child is his half brother double we not trying to run or stop paying etc
  10. first of all thankyou so much for your reply and advice ...the case started in 2001 when my husband contatced csa to start paying for this child .. my husband and i have bad credit from bith being made redundant a few years ago ..however our outgoing are all mortgage , gas and electric ...council tax etc that we carnt afford ..the water board have just secured a debt on my house so i could pay it back later ..the only job my husband could find last year after being made redundant the year before was 40 miles form home ..so he driving 80 miles a day to stay in work ..obviously this is about £60 a week . as for the house i originaly bought it ..but my husband name is on the new mortgage but not on the deeds . and the house is in negative equity the csa told me they gonna apply for the L.O yesterday not had a letter yet . they said it because we carnt pay arears back in two years . dont quite understand what you meant by M.A ( sorry ) i have been in touch with cab and im also waiting an appointment with my local mp the only car we have is a motorbility car with is obviously my dads and im insured to drive him to and from hospital etc we think we owe about 5 grand of arreas ..i have receipts for 12 grand of payments ..there saying there are gaps in there assesment and unless i can prove he wasnt working the presume he was ..he was on jobseekers after being made redundant . also we rang them last year to tell them about my new born son...they are saying they didnt know and they will only take the extra 5 % into consideration for him from this friday gone ? as for a lump sum i dont have it but could try asking my parents but how would this help thanks for taking your time to read this and help me x
  11. im sorry im new and dont know how to start a new thread ..sat here in tears cannot take anymore ...my husband works and pays £125 a week through a doe order ...which leaves me my husband and our 2 kids without gas and electric 3-4 days a week ... i only get careers allowance as i am caring for my dad who is terminally ill.....last week we got a letter from csa saying we owed 5 grand still....today we got a letter saying we owe 14 grand and they taking hubby to court for L.O and said bailffs will come and i will loose my house ...has anyone had an L.O before do they give you chance to make arrangements to pay weekly ? im sat here now with my 15 month old baby who is on inhalers for his chest with no heating we already living in poverty cos of them ...i dont think i can do this anymore
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