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  1. a quick question im about to do moneyclaim but need a bit of help. do i have to send a schedule of charges showing interest with the claim and if so how do i do it. sorry to be a pain but im not very good at technical things. any help greatly appreciated.
  2. update time. received a letter today refusing to give full refund and any further correspondance to be directed to the ombudsman. lba runs out thurs 21st. so will continue as planned
  3. hi mark i had the same problem. try ringing 01422 332991 mark kellett he sent them within 3 days via special delivery i also passed this on to someone else and it worked for them to.
  4. up date time. received a letter today from laura clarke with a list of charges apologising that it took so long and that it was inexcusable (yeah yeah). and that she was sorry that i was unhappy with their offer of 35.00 and has now offered 325.00 which i have just done aletter refusing as full and final but would accept as part and that the lba runs out on 21st sept and if i havent received a full refund then will start court proceedings on the 22nd. will let you know what happens
  5. hi jonni yes i sent a schedule of charges with the prelim and lba. i just wrote the date/esciption of charge and the amount. i couldnt do anything from the templates at the time but can now. i've already registered with moneyclaim to save time aswell.
  6. hi just a quick update i sent my prelim on 11/8/06 and heard nothing so sending lba today recorded delivery.
  7. i had the same problem but i spoke to Mark Kellett on wed and got my statements this morning as promised his direct number is 01422 332991. give it a go and let me know how you get on Yvonne
  8. hi. i took my dpa to my local branch but any further documents i will be sending to trinity road
  9. help! ive received my statements and worked how much halifax have taken my question is that with regards to the schedule of charges do i just list them or is there a template for this sorry to be a pain ive looked but cant find anything. any help greatly received
  10. go get em maccas. i received my statements this morning finally. stick to your timetable and you will get your money back. good luck Yvonne
  11. fair play to mark kellett ive received all my statements this morning as promised at last someone descent at halifax. im off now to add up all my charges will let you all know when im done
  12. hi milly guess what i got my statements today so Mark Kellett is true to his word my god someone you can rely on at halifax can you believe it. anyway let me know if you get yours tomorrow Yvonne
  13. i personally just asked for the last 6 years thinking it would take longer to get more from them
  14. they can close your account and ask for the overdraft to be paid off. if you havent done so already i would suggest you get a parachute account just in case
  15. milly the same thing is happening to me. i rang a direct line and spoke to Mark Kellett tel no: 01422 332991 today. he appeared very helpful and told me he was sending the statements himself today recorded delivery and if i dont have them by thurs to ring him again. i dont know if it will do any good but it might be worth you giving him a ring. just one thing is it a halifax account or bank of scotland. if bank of scotland they have to get the statements from elsewhere but halifax acc they can get them straight away thats what he told me and he also said that there was no reason for it to have taken so long. so give it a go and let me know how you get on. i'll let you know if i get mine by thurs Yvonne
  16. well i rang them 2day spoke to a very nice man Mark Kellett (01422 332991 direct line) full of apologise and sending my statements today recorded delivery should have them no later than thurs and if i want any help with them to give him a ring. well i'll let you know if i get them and well see if he really is that helpful!
  17. i was told the same thing. apparently they are doing it in date order but from what ive read on here thats not true which was obvious really. just keep at them. im received an offer but havent even had my statements through yet they are well over the 40 days
  18. would you believe it still no statements but letter offering 35.00 as good will gesture as full and final settlement i dont think so. do they really think they can get away with it!!!!!! offer was made by Jeannette Gildea
  19. good luck and stick with it. ive been waiting nearly 8 weeks so far for my statements at the end of the day i know i'll get my money back
  20. yes you can just add it on to the ongoing claim
  21. quick update. i got annoyed and rang them 2day i ended up speaking to Helen in customer complaints dept. apparently the dpa department have been inundated with requests and are behind sending statements out and that she is making a decision with regards a refund of charges with the information she has on my acc due to my request of a refund (i havent asked for a refund yet as i dont know how much the charges are) but shes still in the proccess of doing this and i will know their decision by 11th Aug. how can they decide anything when i havent requsted a refund????????
  22. at least im not the only one then im still waiting and its been 43 days so far
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