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  1. This happen to me too got a letter saying I'm not getting it but I phoned up and asked why . If was a mistake and got the money 3 days later . Give them a ring on Monday
  2. Hi that it's tons . They only look for about 7-8 things in the book you will not have a prob !
  3. as you have done the signing every week you will not do it again .(well i have not had too ) if you end up still on jsa after about 9-12 months they will try and send to to job work shops etc . but youre next meeting will be fine .
  4. hi there the reviewed is just a wee meeting with a advisor to make sure you dont need anymore help looking for a job and you are still looking for the same jobs you said at the start of youre claim you get one every 3 months it will last about 20mins but the letter you will get will say it can last a hour but it will not . hope this helps .
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