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  1. Hi, I purchased a Vtech innotab max for Christmas this year. I purchased it without realising they had a data breach. Due to this breach a majority of the functions on the app don't work as they have taken it offline for security. Now we were told on hheir Fb page to go out and buy an sd card to transfer an update manually. So off I went to buy this card and did exactly as directed, however the tab is still not working! There has been no updates from the company since 24 December and their Custer service line is constantly engaged! My question is where do I stand from a consumer rights point of view? The shop I purchased from has refused refund due to it not technically being faulty and I'm unable to get hold of Vtech. Surely their conduct is wrong isn't it?
  2. Yes we think the house was sold for 85k and was bought for 101k with a 10k deposit. There was a loan against the property aswell. So the shortfall could be around 30k! Very scary amounts!!
  3. Thanks dx100uk! We def will not be calling then. So shall we just leave it and see what happens?
  4. Hi, Today my partner received a letter from Mortgage Agency Services Number Four Limited saying that they believe he now lives at our address and can he fill in the form to confirm this. He had a home repossessed from him about 2 years ago and has heard nothing since, so I'm assuming this is what it is for. Can anyone advise us the best thing to do? Shall we fill the form in, ignore it, call them?? Has anyone ever had dealings with thes people before? I'm worried sick over this as we've just found out we're pregnant and are going to struggle as it is! Any help would be really appreciated.
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