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  1. Hello Thanks for your reply. Do you mean this goes in instead of the JSA immediately after forms go back - I have not been sent questionnaire and they are not paying JSA as usual this week so would it be ESA from 3 July when set up? and is this same rate as JSA then after assessment if it happens then some other rate Thanks
  2. Hello I was told when I signed on that my JSA had stopped and I have been transferred to ESA Can someone tell me what will happen will I get back dated from when first had illness and I understand a 13 week period but is this at normal rate then I have an assessment is this correct Thanks
  3. Hello I am in area PE4 - postcode but please can someone tell me if it is the local job centre who have ESA forms back or other office - thanks
  4. Hello I assume personal injury is different to employment law, because it was seperate accident, I assume it ought to be best to do that with schedule of loss from that accident as I was not paid basic pay for the time off in the period only sick pay. Employer knew I could not return to work and rushed me for first accident to return full time and second accident pestered me
  5. Yes I unfortunately had that too and I had to then wait another 9 months and they did not like his, then sent records to someone without an assessment who said I was better without assessment, daft. It is a shame it happens
  6. Hello I am upset, confused and angry I was employed for 3 and a half years with no union and no one to turn to for support I lost pre hearing case due to personal issues, I had malfunction with some equipment and it did not come back from repair in time I was told would have been a good valid claim for constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination Around 2 1/2 years earlier I suffered some work injuries, which the department of pensions ruled in my favour as an accident - whom made decision some 12 months after I was told would be better but was not advised of Industrial Injury Benefit when first claim made. About this time I had 3 months off due to injury, I was paid a bonus and sick pay but I did not receive my full pay for that period I made solicitor aware I was due to be paid this if not off sick, I returned for part time employment some time after but was only compensated for that, my claim settled less than £4000 which left me some £865 short I then unfortunately suffered further injury some one and half year later due to still not being properly trained e.g. no video being shown, suffered harrassment with medical reports discussed in open and suffered a mental breakdown - I cannot talk about that here but can tell people private message I had sought counseling and am on anti depressents but could not take when happened due to anxiety from loss of family member, and I was on Diazapam and could not mix anti depressents together with these, when prescribed some, some disagreed with me. Would making the HR team aware of my illness but their lack of action to do anything about it , still make them negligent? I have a personal injury claim out for the depression which started before employment route, as it had been acknowledged in PHR and deliberately made out that I had it 3 years before I joined them. I was just wondering, as I understand six year period for breach of contract, who's opinion the breach of contract would be, my former employer for not paying wages when off sick or solicitor for not double checking schedule of loss and making sure with me first it was correct which I told them I was not satisfied with it and plus I did not work notice period only given PILION of two weeks when contract said four but paid for four in arears when forced to resign on health grounds some 18 months later Thanks
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