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  1. this was in 2010 and she her schedule of loss is four years wages unpaid
  2. Yes thats right HB - Emmzzi - it is a no win no fee personal injury from accident at work
  3. Family member had personal injury, she has been suggested to go forth with an offer - is she able to refuse it and instruct other solicitors? Thanks
  4. I'll check his contract and things next week but thanks. I am sorry I could not provide much information now he has confused me too but can he bring a further claim for anything in the six year route via county court if anything missed in employment tribunal?
  5. aah thought self employment would be issue for him I will double check all this for you
  6. Hello Someone I know sadly does not work in a union he has been employed six years I have been asked to find out, he did not get his basic pay due to being off work sick with stress from personal issues but he did get a bonus and sick pay and they were aware of his depression. He was just wondering as they did not pay his basic pay would that be breach of contract? He made his employer aware he had depression in 2012 the pay was not paid in November 2011 He is asking should he miss employment claim just out of interest, if breach of contract, can he issue six year route at civil court He's hoping he will not but thought he would check if I can for him Thanks
  7. Hello I am considering setting up my own business - I was wondering to avoid breach of contract claims etc do I have to have an employment handbook provided or would I be in breach of contract if I employed anyone? I am just trying to avoid making mistakes if I set up a company and I do not know if this is an important thing or not.
  8. I'll speak to him this weekend and see if he can join - thought so too.
  9. I'll ask him to join on here for further clarification
  10. He's been given a displinary for issuing a personal injury claim - he's been with employer 2 years from school
  11. thanks I will ask, he's just been told he is 40 percent disabled on Industrial injury - bit like mine - I am 20 percent but will let you know more here soon, he is 19 but worried if too young for going personal injury route - so young to be so disabled - he's back at work but had 7 months off.
  12. No he has no union - he works for small firm - no equipment was provided to assist him does he have to be provided correct uniform to have done job correctly or would it just be training he needs, he only had short induction but was on different rota when he did it I will ask about legal cover He's had report confirming injuries result of the accident at work and been told he needs referrals to different other specialists - if he had some equpment - should he have been provided correct equipment and work wear to do the job - e.g. if lifting should adjustable in height trolley been provided ; - he was lifting books and in excess of 10 kilos and was told no bending - as a result he fell - refused as he should not but employer ignored
  13. Aah I see I will try to get more information - he did not know it was through their insurance he thought it would be like an ET - he's aware of the 3 year limit but he's worried about going to court as they are not cooperating - he wants it settled but been 2 years 4 months no admission even after 3 months
  14. Woops sorry I am still bit jet lag, fingers slipped, yes I mean't COT3 - sorry. A friend has had personal injury and does not want to go through like an ET but he wants to kow if something similar like ACAs can be done.
  15. Hello Can COJ3's be done in regards to personal injury or is there something similar like Acas who can help with compromise agreeements or are these only through employment law claims only please.
  16. I had an ATOS assessment through for my personal injuries from two accidents in former employment, they ruled two industrial accidents in my favour, so I am on Industrial Injury benefit, would the ESA one be different or could they look at that report to save me going for another or would they need seperate for depression to find out how it affects me?
  17. My GP made certificate three months from when ESA was accepted to me and marked unfit for work - I assume that'll be enough to cover me for assessment phase won't it? Could they use what I got from Industrial Injury benefit from ATOS or is ESA going to be different thing altogether, I assume related to the depression?
  18. Apart from the fit note - thanks, I just don't know how often they need them. Would I need them for the periods of being on ESA? Can I still look for work whilst on it or is aim of it for them to help me find work whilst supporting my illness?
  19. Silly me. I looked at bottom of the form - it says £71 then 4/7/12 not 472 sorry - form not easy to read. It says from 4 to 13 July £101.42. I rang on Monday 16 they said computer issues but would sort it then on Friday 20th got the ESA260.
  20. Thanks. I am confused what the 471 pounds is though, it said 105 pounds a week minus 39 pounds.
  21. Thanks. I got a letter - ESA260 today saying I have been approved for it - it said I need a certificate from my GP - downfall is I was forced to resign - shall I just send letter from GP saying i am unable to work It is also saying £105 a week - is this assessment rate or have they automatically set me up after assessment phase, they took the twenty percent off leaving me £71 a week and says total amount £471 - is this over just 13 weeks? then I would go back to JSA? or is the £471 my back pay?
  22. Hi Thanks. Will I get half ESA and the Industrial Injury Benefit as per JSA rules or is ESA different?
  23. lostfaith

    Redundancy pay

    Hello I received an out of court under 4 and a half thousand pounds in October 2011 and I am doing a tax return - I was wondering as I was taxed some money off it should this be put on my Self Assessment Thanks
  24. Thanks for all the help. I have found the questionnaire so I have saved a PDF so I have a copy to work on. I am not allowed to stand for an hour or more and I am unable to lift over 5 kilos, I am also profoundly deaf and have had depression from being bullied - I was told I was thick by my manager, as a result my GP said I am unable to work for some time. I will let you know how it goes.
  25. Hello thanks for replies. Will that go in immediately even when questionnaire not done as not been sent it or do I have to send in myself?
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