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  1. Does a solicitor who represents a client have to present the actual dates of events occured, are they obliged to give the correct limitation on their care letters such as the minus one day, would month to month periods be incorrect.
  2. Hello I realise might have gone in employment forum but I would like remained in general consumer forum please. It's basically on the onset I suffered a work issue which cannot be resolved on here but matters from bad advice from it. I have been informed some other solicitors have been confirmed suffered professional negligence in terms of personal injury but wondered if other people agree their views on my occupational employment claim In October 2010 I took out an employment claim for bullying, disability discrimination. On the onset, I was not advised of appropriate limitation with regards to the minus one day in employment law, the care letter said month to month but did not say exactly when it should have been done, on the other hand there was lack of medical evidence apart from support from family members, there was no attempt to get my medical records. Aside from this I had nothing on my GP file, except being on NHS waiting lists at the time and could not be prescribed anti depressents till referral's opinion I had to wait till after my pre hearing review to see a counseller. I had the pre hearing review and the claim was struck out, as passed three months, but sought advice for a three month extension given the previous solicitors I sought ceased trading but have found out they've changed names I was very ill at the time and could not cope, no advice was given to me on what to do after the pre hearing, it has limited my job prospects, despite the fact, I've seen a physiologist and was agreed I had 80-90 percent of a work related depressive disorder. I paid a £750 plus VAT for that representation and even though it ended I have not been given further advice on whether to pursue a Prevention From Harrassment Act Claim; to obtain five figure sum in loss of earnings from former employer; in addition regardless of a report which said 80-90 percent of bullying. The limitation was missed for that extra claim. In short, should I be complaining to the employment solicitors for the trauma of having to go through the employment pre hearing review, having never been to court before; and not coping; then a report followed two years later supporting work stress; their actions limited me to take this further, their negligence failing to advise me of the correct limitation and the five figure sum lossed due to their result - (two years work related depressive disorder) The personal injury soliciors who obtained the physiologists report say loss of earnings do not fall part of a personal injury claim they say it would have been an employment matter; they failed to tell me no loss of earnings to be obtained at beginning; the personal injury limitation date was missed etc
  3. from my experience best to put in activity box too - I do exactly same as you and when I had not done activity they bullied me asking me why not and why no jobs applied through there even though printouts were there in front of them.
  4. Hello Some builders did some work but they missed deadline to get papers in within a two year deadline
  5. Hello I have a mediation upcoming with a firm but I need to reply to acknowledge I would agree to it and they pay me a certain rate but I do not know best way to reply, can anyone help me draft a reply please. I need it including I disagree with the response to my complaint; that a document was never explained to me, and dates were missed etc
  6. dont accept first offer always go to solicitor direct not third party one
  7. Ok thanks, I will find out what further skills the role requires.
  8. it is in the IT Field - obviously if I were offered a job in that field I'd close my own firm down
  9. Hello I was wondering why agencies do not recognise self employment - should they be looking at it - I went for one but they did not regard it and was too critical and I have been doing it for nine years.
  10. left till june 2013 they told me no. On the onset they told me good prospects, in 2010 in May 2010 failed to appoint some employment solicitors
  11. Personal injury. They orignally, in their letter stated the case had good prospects of success and agreed to take it on. some time after limitation expired they told me not possible, asked me permission to issue proceedings left five months till after to ask me permission to do so, then told me they may not be able to - no counsel instructed till 2 years nine months in to the claim no medical expert investigation till 2 1/2 years into the claim
  12. I thought with being dismissed for lodging the personal injury claim would be wrongful dismissal and was no exit interview I also thought missing two limitation dates would be professional neglience
  13. no one firm in november 2010 for different area law and 2012 for employment - was dismissed for issuing a personal injury claim which I did not get provided training on how to move something fromforklift or provided correct forklift training fell out the forklift injuring my head
  14. thanks, just real shame another firm did not advise me either but cannot post about them as they still act for me but this employment law one seperate matter who are not as that finished
  15. Please could I have some help drafting a letter - think the major issues did not advise me one day they did not tell me could have done an et claim when employed or soon after each incidents occured had to be the three months minus a day
  16. Do you think the employment solicitors are neglient, they failed to get my medical records before the pre hearing did not advise me one day they did not tell me could have done an et claim when employed or soon after each incidents occured had to be the three months minus a day
  17. Think I have found it - but need to have a rest because of my back injury. Basically the employment solicitors did not advise me minus one day in this matter or they did not tell me it had to be soon after the incidents occurred
  18. Please could it be explained what it means, I assume as for example my contract said four weeks notice and I was not told to work my notice - and breaking law from not providing me manual handling training till after my accident
  19. Would I be able to do a seperate claim for Wrongful Dismissal in civil court given longer time periods, in addition to the fact I missed the Constructive Dismissal due to professional negience
  20. no she fell off faulty equipment in a factory, and hurt her hand, the one I posted was two years employment, she had been there seven years and went back to a different country but back in uk - will get her to check it
  21. this one is different - broken equipment and failure to investigate, no occupational health assessment
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