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  1. Does anybody know if a new passport has to be declared for new addresses every time they move and is another fee still payable if move more than the occasion intending or would it just be the single fee for a new passport renewal.

  2. Hello


    I have been victim of constructive dismissal in past and been on lot of short term work - obviously trying to get permanent work


    I went to one place within two months offered perm role


    Obviously since then work been zero hour contracts - not been by choice - was told on phone by someone - you've not been in jobs long have you, seemed a bit rude - how is best way to handle next time - I said it's been lot of project based work and I would have stayed in roles if given opportunity.

  3. If everything else I can do except audio typing be the draw back if they don't provide an appropriate headset to do some of the job; because of my hearing still be discrimination? - I'd imagine they'll argue more experience was needed for audio typing but they did ask me what training I'd need and that was only matter and their system training 95 percent of the job I can do.

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