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  1. Did it online and it came back very quickly all sorted.
  2. Thanks fkofilee for your reply, I may be moving house just not moved before did not know what to do if another fee had to be paid etc but thank you for the answer.
  3. Does anybody know if a new passport has to be declared for new addresses every time they move and is another fee still payable if move more than the occasion intending or would it just be the single fee for a new passport renewal.
  4. Are the Text message appointment reminders for job seekers allowance appointment reminders, automatically sent? Thanks
  5. Ok thanks, and when one says 3 to 4 months work and then ongoing, is that two different things or should both be assumed same? Or is 3 to 4 meaning fixed for that length or ongoing till further notice?
  6. Does a company by law have to apply when National Minimum Wage goes up in April even for temporary worker works through an agency?
  7. Sorry to hear that; I found something here - https://www.monacosolicitors.co.uk/templates/ - but a more experienced person may help later; just thought to give them idea for some time so they know boundaries to try and help with - just from my past experience it was not nice to go through. I hope you get it sorted.
  8. Hello a) How long were you employed? b) What stage is claim at? c) Are they looking to settle? d) Types of claim? e) Any dispute from them?
  9. Thanks for both your time to answer - glad the fees been abolished now, hopefully won't have to go through all this again.
  10. Hello I have been victim of constructive dismissal in past and been on lot of short term work - obviously trying to get permanent work I went to one place within two months offered perm role Obviously since then work been zero hour contracts - not been by choice - was told on phone by someone - you've not been in jobs long have you, seemed a bit rude - how is best way to handle next time - I said it's been lot of project based work and I would have stayed in roles if given opportunity.
  11. From past bad experience wouldn't recommend a claims management firm.
  12. People are using my temp work as excuses that not shown commitment enough - I have always been in work long as I can - only just being forced with constructive dismissal due to an injury no fault of my own - employers fault and forced out and name calling - discrimination six years ago.
  13. no for job interview - very disappointed not given chance as had worked there before hoped been a good thing
  14. Please can someone explain the purpose of group interviews with more than one candidate - does this mean they're looking for more than one person?
  15. From past experience get ready for lots of nasty comments as well - and from experience no need for a union is required as agree to SabreSheep
  16. Illegal for them to do this. I would send a letter before action.
  17. Thanks to everyone who has helped and it has been sent - will let you know reply.
  18. They have now fed back audio typing and they think I can not type - (I can copy type and touch type - 50 words to 60 words per minute- I have a data entry diploma) was the only reason for not getting it.
  19. Thanks ericsbrother . They gave no answer to how many applied. I have found it's been re advertised with less hours than they needed. There were also two tests; one I did really well at (error checking)
  20. I had trouble with the pedals and also could not hear all the audio - I got most of the letter done but not all of it. I have been profoundly deaf since age of two - I turned up volume on it to max and hearing aids to max as well - low sounds hardest to hear generally.
  21. If everything else I can do except audio typing be the draw back if they don't provide an appropriate headset to do some of the job; because of my hearing still be discrimination? - I'd imagine they'll argue more experience was needed for audio typing but they did ask me what training I'd need and that was only matter and their system training 95 percent of the job I can do.
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