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  1. Thanks dx100uk! So when will/could PP damage my CRA? Could it be as we speak or do they first need to send me to court or something? I guess, my question is what should I do moving forward with this situation to prevent anything else from happening? There definitely IS crime involved no doubt about it, they have admitted it and I've recorded my phone conversation with them. Thanks again for your reply, I'd love to hear what other people think.
  2. Hi guys, I hope someone can read my story and help me out a bit with this A couple months ago I sold my computer on eBay to someone with a good, trusty account with great feedback. He paid using PayPal (at which point I transferred the money to my bank account) and he collected the PC later that day. Right after he leaves my house, I get an email from PayPal saying the transaction had been reversed because of suspicious activity. The guy was gone. Later that day I found that my PP account had been limited and I was on negative -£1500 (the price of the computer).
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