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  1. Thank you for for the advice guys, Im on to the trading standards and OFT this week to get this sorted.its refreshing the advice on here has given me motivation and reassurance so thanks
  2. Talk about ping pong email - this is the latest email I had today: They dont aknowledge what you have already paid or even come to a compromise. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL URGENTLY. Thank you for your email. Please advise we are not charging you interest on interest. When you agreed to the loans term and conditions it advise you of your payment plan which you set up you self. Which the system advise you of how much interest you would be charged as long as the payment was made on the day you agreed on. In this scenario you have DEFAULTED on your loan which mean you will received fees on your account as well as daily interest after the date you agreed to pay on. Please go on our Website and please read the TERMS&CONDITIONS. This will explain all that you need to know of daily interest and fees on the account as you agreed to the terms and conditions. Regards Safeloans Ltd
  3. thanks i will do that - I really feel like I have to stick to my guns, yes I borrowed, yes I was 1 month late paying it back but I did plus 1 mths interest
  4. hi your not alone i too got in a mess and just coming out the better end now. Wonga - default and contact them immediately the sooner you do the sooner they will freeze interest and they will set up a pymt arrangement which you must stick too. wageday advance - will normally add a further 1 mths interest but then let you settle over three months im not sure on the other two but stick to your guns take control and good luck
  5. Hi This is my first thread so i hope im doing this right. I need some advice. I borrowed £200.00 from safeloans on 25 February 2012, i had to pay back £250.00 on 25 March 2012, but i couldnt so I contacted them, apologised and promised to pay the amount borrowed back on 25 April 2012. I was bombarded with emails and texts messages telling me I was in default, which according to them is standard procedure even if you have contacted them. As promised I paid £250.00 being the amount borrowed and one months interest on 25 April which they have received. They are trying to get a further £158.00 from me which is £30.00 broken arrangement fee, £12.00 late payment fee and the rest is daily interest. Where do I stand? I am prepared to pay the £30.00 broken arrangement fee, because I borrowed and was 1 month late paying it back. They have offered me a plan to clear the rest of it off, but its there extra charges. Im not sure what to do.
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