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  1. I'll pass that all on, thanks. I think the Amazon link you posted might be wrong, I got a microphone that looks like earbuds. I bought BT phones with call blocking for myself as I was getting about three weird calls a week but there were hardly any calls registered in the call list after that, I think my number must have only been on a dial list for a short while. I think it might be a little complicated for her, though.
  2. It isn't my partner or me that is getting harassed, though, it is my partner's mother. She is getting a call or more every week.
  3. I am writing this on behalf of an elderly relative, a lady in her 90s, my partner's mother who is living alone in sheltered accommodation. Somehow, several years ago, she found herself with a phone/broadband contract with a company called Clear Business Clear Business: Cost-effective Business Services for SMEs WWW.CLEARBUSINESS.CO.UK Clear Business provides business services for UK SMEs, with cost effective essential Business Services, including Water, Energy and Telecoms. My partner tried to contact the company to get the internet sorted out but to cut a long part of the story short, they didn't fix it. My partner told the company that if they didn't sort it out, she was going to migrate to another provider. It wasn't fixed so the phone and broadband service were migrated to Plusnet - less than half the monthly charge, I might add. Now the company is demanding payment of £600 (£300 for phone and £300 for broadband) for early termination of the contract - kind of ironic that their website claim to provide all services for 'one low cost bill' and the company seem to provide utility packages for businesses - so how have they ended up providing telephone and broadband to a lady in her 90s in a single bedroomed sheltered apartment for more than twice the market rate for domestic users. I can only imagine that she was cold called and taken advantage of. I left a review on TrustPilot reflecting what has happened and it seemed to create a bit of attention as there seemed to be some attempt to resolve the matter but since then, they have been phoning her and causing distress. My partner is doing her best to deal with it all. I just looked at the TrustPilot reviews and they don't really make any sense, customers are either leaving one star reviews or five star reviews with very little in between and all the five star reviews have started to make me think that they may be fake - they all mention somebody's first name. Most have only ever left one review and those which have left more all seem to have left the same kind of review, e.g. 'Spoke with Robert this morning, he was great. Very helpful.' I get angry when I get bad customer service but when I see somebody vulnerable get treated like this I get furious.
  4. Well, the item was just delivered by another driver who was clueless about last week's fiasco but still needed to phone me for directions. Perhaps he wasn't being honest with me and it was him but I guess I'll never know.
  5. As I said in the OP, I have ordered from Aldi before and all nine previous orders have been successfully delivered by Yodel, so they can't deny that my address exists. And as I also said, I sent them a map which was an annotated section of an Ordnance Survey map with my house circled and the nearest main road. If they found the post code, they would have been at the centre of the map.
  6. That is, in effect, what has happened, Aldi have sent another without charge. But like I said, if the driver couldn't find me before, I doubt he will today. But if he does, he will have to admit that the previous one was not delivered to me and that the address he delivered to is not the one he claimed. This is all so ridiculous and complicated that just trying to explain it makes my head hurt. Three different addresses - the one actually delivered to being completely unknown but wrongly claimed to be my landlord at an address I can see from my house, a person who allegedly looks like me, no name and an illegible signature.
  7. Yes, I have sympathy for the working conditions of the drivers but that does not excuse dishonesty and/or incompetence. I wasn't aware of SARs until I looked at the link. A preliminary scan of Yodel's website doesn't give a postal address* and the SAR needs to be signed according to the link. Also, having had issues in the past, I thought that with delivery queries, the onus was an the sender. I'm hoping (but not hopeful) that the replacement will arrive today and I will ask the driver where he delivered the other one (trying not to lose my rag). * [edit] Just found it but I don't see a mention of GDPR and their front page mentions their plans for 2017 so it's not exactly up to date.
  8. I ordered something of significant value and size from Aldi and it was due for delivery last Monday by Yodel. I have ordered many items from Aldi in the past all of which have been successfully delivered by Yodel. On Monday, I tracked the delivery until there were just two or three before mine and then kept an eye out for the Yodel van in anticipation. Then, when mine was the next delivery, the status said that the driver could not get access to my property. There are no obstacles to my house whatsoever. Contacting Yodel seems to be a choice between hit and miss on Twitter - they tend to ignore my messages - and an online chat which is frankly useless but I did provide a phone number and a map. I phoned Aldi who said that they would rearrange the delivery for the next day. The following day, I went through the same procedure but this time when mine was the next delivery, the status suddenly went to delivered! I stared at my screen incredulously for a moment before phoning Aldi and being told that it had been delivered to another address which is my landlord's house about 100m away but visible from my house. I couldn't understand why anybody would accept a delivery for me without noticing that I was in as my car was outside my house and directing the driver accordingly I went to collect the item only to be told that no delivery had been made to them. I phoned Aldi again and was told that the driver would be interviewed at the end of their shift. Two days later, I had a phone call to say that the driver delivered the item to somewhere which was identified as the place they said (my landlord's house) but the description did not match (the address where they said they delivered the item is the only place around here which is not painted the same colours as mine and they described the place as if it matched) they said that the person who supposedly signed for it matched my general description but did not ask for their name. None of the information is consistent to anybody who knows the area but it is difficult to convince somebody on the phone. Aldi have been kind enough to send the item again which should arrive tomorrow the whole situation concerns me that either the driver is lying or somebody has accepted the delivery fraudulently and there doesn't seem to be any way of determining who it is because as far as Yodel are concerned, it was delivered to me. tomorrow, I don't see any reason why the situation would not end with a similar result. I plan to make a video recording of my house when I see from the tracking that the delivery will be due just in case. It just made me wonder where I would stand legally.
  9. That is quite disturbing reading. Could you provide documentation which explains that law, please?
  10. In December, I painted a picture of somebody at the University of Toronto and decided to send it to them as a gift for Christmas. I am not employed so I didn't have a lot of money to spare for shipping it but when I looked on Parcel2Go, there seemed to be a reasonably priced service which used MyHermes and Landmark Global. At that point, I had never heard of Landmark Global but I had never had a problem with either Parcel2Go or MyHermes which had not been anything other that a delayed delivery so I opted for that service. All seemed to be going well until it was delayed due to a claim by Landmark Global that I had under declared its weight by a factor of 2.2:1 and I was required to pay extra .I thought was odd for two reasons. Firstly, I had been extremely careful to measure it and weigh it and double-checked everything because I wanted to avoid just such a problem. Secondly, 2.2:1 is the conversion ratio from pounds to kg and I wondered if the weight I had declared in kg had been read in pounds. I challenged this and in the meantime read all kinds of similar stories about Landmark Global on Trust Pilot (I wish I had read them before I booked the delivery!) many of which seemed to have almost identical weight discrepancies. Eventually, Parcel2Go said that the matter had been resolved and no excess was due. The next problem arose when the tracking information said that import duty was due. This came as a surprise as this was genuinely a gift and as I had only paid for the materials, i.e. canvas and paint, I would not have been able to put a value on it. I contacted all the various companies for clarification and they all pointed at each other like some farcical whodunnit. Then, after all the delays and in the week before Christmas, a delivery was attempted but I assume that the office at the university was closed and a collection note was left and the painting was kept for the two weeks over Christmas uncollected as there was nobody to collect it. Eventually, before the Christmas and New Year break was over, Canada Post initiated the return of the painting to me. I watched on the tracking as the parcel bounced around Ontario, actually doubling back on itself at one point, until on 8th January, it stopped and from then there is no trace of it. I contacted Parcel2Go who said that returns from abroad could take up to eight weeks after which time they would consider refunding me. I reluctantly accepted that maybe they aren't priority and come by sea or something so checked the tracking several times a day until eight weeks were up and the tracking still says the same thing; last seen in Burlington Ontario, 8th January. Up until this point, there had been a lengthy thread of e-mails between Parcel2Go and me and they generally got back to me within 24 hours - 48 hours maximum. I e-mailed them on 4th March and got no reply. I e-mailed again on 11th March and got no reply. I have repeatedly attempted to contact all the companies involved via Twitter (like using silver bullets with most companies) but have had absolutely no response from anybody. The status remains as it did on 8th January. I tried to post tracking links but I am not permitted to do so. At this point, I don't care very much about the refund, I would just like to see my painting again. If nobody from any of these companies replies, I don't know what else I can do.
  11. Thanks for the reply. As I said, there is much I don't know about what has happened but it has been clear to me that she has been afraid of confronting him or having any contact with him whatsoever - that may be why she has not tried to recover her stuff. There may be an unusual way of proving that the property is hers but I cannot divulge that on here but some of the items were heirlooms. But I know from personal experience that relationship breakups can play havoc with priorities and sometimes the primary goal is to get away from the situation. Regarding the Council Tax, I had suggested that she make an appointment with the council finance manager and refuse to speak to anybody else - the council tax staff have been a bit computer-whipped, I think. As luck would have it, I just discovered that a mutual friend has been elected as a councillor and since posting this I have spoken to him. He agrees that she should demand to speak to somebody more responsible and told me that he is happy to take it as far as he can. The whole thing has taken a huge emotional and mental toll on her and I know that she cannot face dredging everything up again - but I have to persuade her that it is for her long term wellbeing that she faces up to it now.
  12. Firstly, I need to confess that I have registered as a new user to post this as will become apparent, I am writing this for somebody else who feels unsafe and any cross reference to their location might be deduced from my other posts. I have changed some details because they would help to identify her but they don't make any material difference. And I also have to point out that I don't know the whole story - it predates my relationship - and it seems a bit sketchy but I am not looking for answers, I merely want to ask where she should go for advice. My girlfriend used to live in a house with her then partner for about twenty years. They never married and never had a joint bank account. He paid the mortgage, she paid all the bills including Council Tax. About eight years ago, they split up. More precisely, she returned home to find her stuff had been put in her van and she was locked out of the house. She had to find somewhere else to live and things became quire acrimonious but after some time they decided to co-operate in order to sell the house. Even though she was living somewhere else, she kept the house tidy and moved some of her stuff back into the house to make it look more attractive to potential buyers. The house was eventually sold years later for a not inconsiderable sum. She got nothing from the sale and found that he had even sold some of her belongings including a small vehicle which had been kept there which although was hers had been registered in his name. At some point after the sale of the house, he moved abroad was completely out of the picture for years until his return to the area fairly recently. But even though she had not lived in the house for eight years, she had still been receiving the Council Tax bills. Since I have known her, she has lived in a rented house and even though she has a well paid job, she has always been skint and it was not until a few months ago that I discovered why. She has had her salary garnisheed by the council to pay the Council Tax for the years from when he kicked her out to the sale of the house. But it gets worse than that - she is not allowed to see the records of her payments to the council because they say that it is confidential information which does not relate to her property! It had, apparently all been paid off until for some reason the council started taking more money again this year. At this point, my insides were getting eaten away by the helplessness and frustration. I had resolved to get her to take advice from somewhere. She said that she had seen a solicitor but it had cost £500 to have a letter sent to him which he completely ignored. She cannot afford to take legal action under the circumstances. I had all but persuaded her to make a CAB appointment later this week when she discovered that some of the stuff she put in the house to help sell it was for sale in a local antique shop and that he has been selling it regularly. He can be quite a nasty person, from what I have heard, and she is concerned for her safety - as am I - and is worried that he may react violently to anything she does. As I said initially, I don't pretend to be fully acquainted with the fact but the current situation says a great deal. She is living in virtual penury, is in debt and has the council taking money directly from her wages whilst he is selling her belongings and has taken all of the hefty profit from the sale of the house. Who should she be talking to?
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