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  1. You could also take the matter to a Magistrates Court or a better bet may be your MP. DVLA are, literally a law unto themselves and have the public safety at the heart of their work
  2. Once you apply to the dvla they can take 3 or 4 months to decided. They will either revoke or refuse again, give you a temporary 1 to 3 years licence, send you for a full medical or give you an unrestricted licence. I doubt they will do the last on my list. You will ultimately go for a full medical which you may or may not have to pay for and it will be carried out by a franchised doctor. You will be asked your drinking pattern for the last 3 years and a separate questionnaire pertaining to your likelihood as to alcoholism or dependence. You will be fully examined inclu
  3. The DVLA are under staffed by a country mile and once they have you on their medical radar they have you for as long as they want. The decision to revoke would be taken by a non medically trained person and while the DVLA have a duty of care to other road users you are now a reference number. Good luck.
  4. So when you say every one was doing extra hours for nothing you meant they were getting paid for the extra hours ?
  5. I think that my line manager is going to try to make me work my 30 hours over five days Does this mean you you don't know if they want you to do this or.....
  6. So are you saying you have been working 40 hours per week and getting paid for only 35 hours per week for 4 years? If so, how are you losing out any further?
  7. Ahh...well let's hope the CEO does the right thing....sounds as if you have done what you can with in the company structure. ..
  8. I'm sure its just an oversight on their part. I would, respectfully, escalate the matter upward in the company and copy in the HR department
  9. Are you going to court to fight the DVLA decision or for something else? I would go to my MP before going to court....the court would normally side with the DVLA
  10. How would your employer know if you had a mobile phone at work? smuggle it in
  11. But will you learn not to drink and drive again? Lucky you didn't end up in jail.....
  12. peterm41

    informing DVLA

    It says "You only need to tell DVLA if you’re still having problems 1 month after the stroke" Are you saying you had problems for 6 months after the stroke? It's the drivers responsibility to inform the DVLA but 7 months have past and you're OK. Your doctor says you are ok to drive? If you inform the DVLA when you don't have to you are opening up a whole world of pain.
  13. peterm41

    informing DVLA

    https://www.gov.uk/stroke-and-driving From the Gov. website
  14. If you don't agree with the reason they took you to this first stage then you have to appeal. if they have a written procedure describing the capability process then compare that against their conduct thus far. how long is your employment?
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