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  1. Mmmm Did you HPI check the car? I went through something similar. I purchased a car with private plates and it took them 2 weeks to sort it. 14 months later I get a knock at the door from 2 CID officers telling me the car had 2 finances on it.... HPI check it. regards
  2. Hi First post..So if its in the wrong section I apologize... OK.... I purchased a car back in March 2011, HP agreement with black horse. I have had the car for 14 months all going well so far not missed a payment, however approx 6-7 weeks ago I had 2 CID officers knock at my door asking me by name. They asked if I ever owned a Citroen C2 and still own the C4, yes I replied I part exchanged my C2 for my C4 then they asked if they could come in... They then explained to me that they are investigating the car garage, and found that my C4 has 2 finances on the vehi
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