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  1. Very have accepted my £25 per month offer and frozen interest and charges for 6 months.. .Isme have pased my debt on to NDR . How do i go about reclaiming the huge amount of interest from Very, they took months to come to their decision so the interest has piled on... .also shall i just keep paying the £25 a month to isme even though they have passed my debt on ?????
  2. Thanks for your reply Tricia. I have emailed them both and pretty much am following your footsteps. They cant have what i havent got. As of today they are still refusing my offer, but i'll just plod on with it. Hopefully i'll have some good news soon...
  3. I'm new to this site but am in the same positon with very and isme. I owe £1150 to very and £700 to isme. I have offered them £25 per month and asked them to freeze interest and those £12 charges their so fond of. I'm due a baby in 11 days and really cant be having all this headache it causing, they keep emailing me to ring them but i know they'll talk me into some ludacris payment. I'm dreading the balance rising and rising. Is persistance the key with these companies????
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