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  1. Unfortunately if we did that then our neighbours would not be able to get out as the road is only wide enough for one vehicle hence me complaining about then parking opposite my drive lol
  2. Also we have had a quiet word a few times but it continues and some of their visitors have been quite rude telling us there is nothing we can do as they can park where they like!
  3. Thank you both for the reply and yes it is only for access to the 4 houses with no turning point
  4. :roll:Hi folks Little bit of help needed here! We live in a cul de sac and the last 4 houses (we live in the 2nd one) has a little access road for the four of us. My problem is that the neighbours who live on the main part of the road constantly park up on the footpath opposite our house! As we are in the middle myself and my wife at time find it impossible to get off our drive. Bad enough when it is one car but if they have family visit then there are up to 4 cars parked opposite. It's a small road so they park up with 2 wheels on the path but we still cannot get out without reversing 3 or
  5. My CRB went to panel 21st June....................Called trust HQ yesterday and asked what was happening and they said "Oh its fine your CRB was cleared so no worries and it wont be brought up again unless something new appears on a future check" Im pleased but why the hell couldnt they let me know.
  6. Think at the moment the whole trust is on lookout with their jobs. Papasmurf that is the only thing I have never had anything else or been in trouble.
  7. Hi Transient, Been with the same trust the whole time! Must admit dont know if they have seen the written warning from 7yrs ago, lets wait and see.
  8. I do hope so sidewinder as I have no other convictions or police matters. Can understand the written warning so hopefully that might be it.
  9. Hi folks, I need a little advice. I was convicted of drink driving 14yrs ago this month '(Hit by an unmarked police car while stationary but no excuses 15month ban and £300 fine) I started with the NHS the following year and at the time with no computer or forums like this to seek advice I didnt think that a driving offence went on my check. 6yrs later and a further check and now knowing a little I declared my offence and was dragged before HR who gave me a written warning. Last week my new enhanced CRB check was done and the offence was on there. I had an email
  10. Sent a letter to payroll telling them I was appealing and they wrote back saying my NHS employer had instructed them to suspend their actions against me until further notice.....................Fantastic but still no one has contacted me............Do they always drag these things out. Still no explanation really as to why they are stopping the money just hearsay.
  11. :xHi Feebee met with union today and they said can pay the money back over 4yrs!! Still havnt had a reason why its being taken other than my incriment date was wrong!! Spoke with the lady in our General office who used to do the wages and even she said I would never have picked it up as with Enhancements for sat and sun working the money would not show up they have admitted its their fault and after the meeting with my union rep it sounds like pay it we dont want you rocking the boat!! Well I feel like a bit of boat rocking
  12. Che thank you very much for your help, will be in touch with Unison Tues morn and keep you posted Steve
  13. Hi Che, Thank you for the reply and yes I am in Unison. Just grieves me that when I moved into this new position 4yrs ago until last Thursday I new nothing of this increment they had overpaid me and instead of someone telling me I found out when I checked my wageslip. Regards Steve
  14. Hi folks I work in the NHS and need a little advice from some clever person. I started my new post in 2008 and at the time moved from a band 3 to a band 5. We have in place a thing called increments which you get yearly.My increment date has always been 22 April but this month I noticed in my wageslip lots of deducions to the amount of £2600 When I contacted payroll they said I started my new roll in the Jan 2008 and my next increment should not have been until Jan 2009 but they paid me 22 April as normal. My wage slips for the 4yrs always said every month Annual Inc date 22 April. I have just
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