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  1. i've tried twice to post on the issues,i'll try again... the agency failed to inform me that this was an overseas landlord (i would not have signed the lease had i known),and we had terrible problems with the landlord and their rep as a result.our agency property manager is almost impossible to contact..rarely answers her phone and frequently ignores emails.says she does not get the messsages i leave with her colleagues.i wrote a complaint to their customer services dept,only to receive a reply from the person i was complaining about!i have never heard from the complaints dept since(months ago
  2. do you mean complain about his letting agency?i can't contact the actual property owner in nigeria,only his rep and i have dealt with him already.i am just outraged that the LA can get away with this kind of shoddy service.
  3. after two years of inefficiency,unreturned calls and ignored emails i have had enough.i tried going through their complaints procedure but only received a whining reply from the person i complained about! i am considering picketing their local branch to make them take my complaints seriously.is there a way to do this legally?
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