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  1. yyeeee hhaaaaa!!! shocker I got a full refund, didnt really believe I would but they paid it back within 3 days. I'll still be watching my bank account at end of month though as I've had no conformation e-mails 2 say my account is closed. now all I have 2 do is hide my debit card from ma wife lol
  2. I've never joined an online forum before but after getting ripped of by this mob I fealt I had to. My wife ordred the "free" trial using my debit card on 3rd of jan 2012. I just noticed on 28th of april they had took a payment of £74.64 ($116) under the name "Beautyskin". I didnt even know my wife had ordred this "free" trial so when I realised I had to check back on previous bank statements and yes they have lifted £74.95 the 3 previous months aswell using diffrent company names. I have not even recieved any more products. I got some great advise from this forum and I phoned them today on the number 0808 178732011 got through very quickley to an American guy called Ian. I told him very firmley but politely that I did not autherise any of these payments and I demand a refund. He went away for about 1 min then came back and said he would cancel future payments and refund all but the first payment as I hadnt cancelled it within 30 days. I said no I wanted that 1 also he started bleathering on t&cs I stopped him told him they where "commiting an offence under unfair terms in consumer regulations 1999" I dont even know what that means, and my bank are diputing the payments and contacting fraud squad he said I'll get a full refund 7-10 days so we'll see I'll let youse know how I get on good luck to all.
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