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  1. ok thanks for your help....I think I'll go ahead and get cat checked out, get new quotes for both cats and start my battle with the halifax lol...
  2. Thankyou sooo much...I'd appreciate any help at all.
  3. Sorry, my fault for not being clearer. Halifax have recently announced they're cancelling all their pet insurance policies even though a lot of them are whole life policies and a lot of people rely on them to pay for expensive on-going medical treatment for their pets. This has featured before on this website and also on Watchdog a few weeks ago.
  4. Hi I have Halifax Pet Insurance Extra for my two cats. One cat has been diagnosed with asthma and is covered by the insurance. I rang them to confirm my insurance was being stopped as I had yet to receive a letter and was told they only inform you a few weeks prior to renewal (August in my case). My problem is I'm now worried about my other cat but am wary about taking him to vet with this policy still running in case he needs long term treatment and I'm unable to get cover when the time comes. Should I cancel his policy, take out a new one then take him to vet? I DO plan to start my battle wi
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