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  1. to cancel the contract out right they was 400 pounds! its a joke
  2. Lol i once had bailffs come around for court fines but they left with 0 Thanks to guys dx ill try and resolve the issue with welsh water to. Man being made redundant sucks ahh well thanks guys as usual ill make a donation for all the help !
  3. ok just got off the phone with Tmbile collections they have knocked my phone back on and have told me they are going to try and retrieve the debt from moorcroft if they cant they will refund me so i can pay moorcroft
  4. this afternoon I spoke to t mobile they said we cant stop you making payments on line if you clear the balance we will have to remove the debt from the DCA so i said fine ill do that "as its money we owed and wanted our mobiles back" so i did that and then tmobile said ok you're balance is now 0 but you need to sort the 165 out with the DCA... how can i be out of debt with tmobile but be in debt with a debt collector for the same debt lol Also with wated when we phoned then they sent us through to moorcroft
  5. We decided to pay the phone bill Directly to Tmobile so we forced a payment through to them as they advised us they would recall the debt however once i made the payment they told me it must be made to the debt collctor so now tmobile has 156 pounds of my money and wont take it off what i owe them As for the water yes its this years bill something like 660.69 for welsh water
  6. She has not contacted moorcroft about the debt However she has a debt with moorcroft for water which she is paying at 20pcm until it gets passed onto the benefits agency because they have agreed to deduct it from her benefit pretty sure their collecting on behalf of although i could be wrong. Debt was passed to them about February time
  7. my partner has a Debt of £165.96 for t mobile phone contracts today out of nowhere a guy turned up at the door i told him she wasn't in so he posted a card tried to add links but it wouldnt let me the front says the debt the reference number and who called and the back says we will only ask you to pay what you can afford in bold red, so ? Any help would be appreciated or info Thanks guys
  8. Hello All Tried to make a payment directly to the courts today to find they have handed it over to marstons for £48.60 rang marstons just now to be told they have added a further £85 on top of this, IS there any way around this or do i have to pay this up ? P/s worst people i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with there are people in a funeral home with more emotion Dale.
  9. ahah love it well at least in this case ill get much lower payments at a better rate plus i havent avoided anything ive sent letter's payments wrote to the courts filled in expenditure forms so at least that will look good on me
  10. Hahah i always read your posts wonkeydonkey and they always make me laugh but you are a true hero No he didn't he refer d me to some welfare division see what i think is they want me to pay with with them rather than send it back to the courts where they wont make more money off me and ill pay at i was before they randomly handed it over but thank you
  11. Hello again all If you remember "or not" about 1-2 weeks ago i posted about receiving a nice bailiff at my door so my question to you amazing people at cag is this the bailiff says that if he sends the account back to the courts because he can not recover the debt i will go to prison for the term of 3 months this is 80% likely to happen -I have paid off 600 of the 1000 court fine -baby due in 4 weeks -Actively seeking work Is he correct? or is he trying to scare me Id rather face the truth than the unknown at least then i can prepare for combat. Kind regards Dale
  12. It wasnt a council tax thing It was for a magistrates driving fine but yes ive let them know this thats why they have contacted welfare i think. Apparently according to the paper work i seen it was a department made by marstons on the 3rd of april 2012 so make sure people on the vulnerable list and their family remain safe and treated in the correct manner, again he said i wasnt supposed to see this paperwork but went to his van to show me anyway
  13. Neither will i, Although he did say and i quote "if this goes back to court 80% of the time you will have a 3 months prison sentence HOWEVER i personally believe -Im having a baby in 5 weeks -I start a new job this week -Sent all the letters i needed to and made the correct payments Will they likely send me to prison? not sure but time will tell and obviously i will keep you guys updates.
  14. Ok About 10 minutes ago i had a bailiff from Marstons come knocking at my door, Did not let the man in but went outside to speak to him, I explained that i tried to make the payments and am in codependents with marstons and the guy was stumped he said i don't want to force entry into your home please dont think that and i wont be coming back again "he has passed out case on to the welfare office" so that we can have more time to pay Is this even heard of? He also showed me proof of his report and all the letters from the courts then showed me the welfare check list that we fall under.
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