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  1. Hi, I've started a PPI claim with Natwest. (I'm in the process of trying to regain control over my finances) They have been helpful so far, I called asking for the details of my loan and recieved a letter, with the details, and a phone number for a dedicated claims department, I started the ball rolling. The only problem with all this, is that I can't remember if I actually had any ppi on my loan. I have a nagging feeling that I removed the ppi quite early in the process, but they are yet to inform me. The letter I recieved stated. Loan Amount: £6000** Date Opened:
  2. Thanks Poguesy, I've been absorbing as much information from these forums as possible and I've got the telephone harrassment letters ready. My intention is to clear the amount within 60 days and hopefully they will be slightly more reasonable with me when I go down that route. I'm still slightly concerned about Swift Sterling reaction badly and trying to snatch the money from my account. I have cancelled my card and I now have a new one, they do not have the details of the new card. Do you think it's advisable to withdraw my money from the account so they cannot do this
  3. Hi, I have two payday loans with swift sterling, 400 pound with the charge for the credit at £119 per month & 100 pound with the charge for the credit at £30 per month. Total they are request this month is the full repayment of £649.00 My bank card was stolen at the weekend, and I've cancelled it and requested a new one, so I'm currently a few days late on my repayment. To be honest I've realise I'm never going to get to a point where I'm going to be able to pay this back, without having to reloan each month. I've done that at least 4 times now with Swift. T
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