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  1. I havent because I dont use twitter and use facebook exclusively for showing off my muscles to redhead foreign girls, my recent fetish (joking). But I might get /b/ to raid their page. If you dont know what /b/ is, youre one of the lucky ones. On a serious note, legally, how can I make them go "hmmm, internet is serious business"
  2. Emailed the directors office too. Its been 2 months, no update, no reply. I dont want to call because of the ridiculous charge. I can afford it no worries but its the principle. I dont even need nor want that ****ing tablet, I just wanted to see how far would they go with this. But now its been too long. What are my options?
  3. Right fellas. On the 28th of this month it`ll be 28 days since I havent seen my tablet. I havent heard from them either. Can I demand that they give my tablet back after 28 days or what...
  4. Thanks. I was told I was going to get text message updates on the status of the repair process, but havent heard from them. I secretely wish they`ll lose it so I can get a new tablet, but knowing my luck, I`ll probably get the same one back, in the same or worse condition it was before. Anyway, what do I do if I dont hear from them after 28 days? Something tells me I wont. I am very very sceptical and pessimistic by nature, and generally get exactly what I expect which is nothing. At least I can never be dissapointed.
  5. Hey fellas On Wednesday its gonna be 2 weeks since my tablet has been with them. For how long can they keep it in for repairs?
  6. Got a reply from them: "If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Response (Nikki Black) 02/05/2012 Dear xxxx, Thank you for your e-mail. I was sorry to learn of the problems you are having. I can confirm as the customer you have a duty of care to check over the goods, test they are functioning correctly and report any incidents, faults or damage within 7 days of purchase. As this time frame has expired the manufacturers guarantee supplied is a repair based
  7. Ice cream sandwich is out? Didnt know, couldnt bother, Honeycomb was fine. Only installed the updates reccomended by the tablet`s Automatic Updates wizard thingy. But will try that before returning it, if it still does the same thing when i get it back, if i get it back and dont get a refund. It should be with the service department by now, left it in the store yesterday.
  8. I`m ok with Acer, had a few Acer laptops myself which were fine. Thats why I didnt mind buying an Acer tablet. But there is something wrong with this particular model as im not the only one experiencing crashes and all that. http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/acer-iconia-tab-a500-forum/16940-a500-crashes-frequently.html
  9. Thanks. Can someone add Wrightconstruction to the thread title so it comes up faster in searches?
  10. First crash happened within the first hour of starting using the tablet. Its an Android tablet, Acer Iconia Tab A500. What makes it funny, is that when my girlfriend saw me using the tablet, she immediately wanted one herself. But by then I knew there was something wrong with it, so I didnt give it to her. Instead went and got her an Ipad 2, but spankin brand new this time. From Comet. That was last month. The Ipad works fine so far.
  11. Thank you all! I will post updates as soon as I have any. Would it be adviseable to send him an email with all the information regarding his location and name, for him to see that I`m in the process of tracking him down and maybe make him pay, or leave that alone and let the approved institutions do that for me?
  12. No sorry, I`m wrong. Just looked at the receipt to see what card ive used, and it was my Visa Debit card, not the credit card. Can I still follow the same procedure?
  13. WOW! That was my real life reaction. How did you come up with this?? I dont even want to know. THANKS! I will call them. But what exactly do I need to ask them? I mean, what relevant questions? They only owe me £450. Its not much, but still my money, and its about the principle.
  14. Thanks. This is what annoyed me to no end actually, made me pick up the tablet and go straight to the store and cause the scene, especially when they were denying all of that as being true. It was missold indeed. I didnt come up with the decision of wanting a refund out of the blue, this is exactly the reason why i wanted a refund. For them lying to me. I paid by credit card, the tablet was £249.
  15. I dont think Seddons have anything to do with them. Their website seems to belong to a legit construction company. Ive looked at phone numbers and pictures to recognise locations and faces, but thats not them. Plus the construction sites look too neat. This is how a tipical Wrightconstruction site looks like in the building process: i cant post images... anyway, they are nowhere near being that neat.
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