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  1. Thanks to everyone that gave me advice on here regarding my problem at work. Sorry have not posted any updates........none to post, didnt hear a single thing after my last post, no letter, no phone call from my employer......then 2 and half months later (yesterday actually) I received a letter in the post stating....... no further investigation, all accusations/ record will be removed from my file..... and apologies for any upset or inconvenience caused!!......
  2. Hi thanks for replying, when I gave amended notes in person to 'fact finder' (who wholly decides if there is even a case to answer to) he told me himself from his experience of dealing with similar cases its not going to go to worst case scenario ....... as in losing my job!! Then added 'thats if nothing else comes to light'........ I replied that nothing else WILL come to light and by the sounds of things you have already marked me guilty!! I am on 2 weeks annual leave from today and he has asked me if I will go in if needed for any further enquiries/meetings...........I told him no he wi
  3. Hi, thanks again for replying. I know one ot the 3 other staff i was on with has not been questioned and she only does the odd shift so maybe recalls more than I do ...... and has told someone I did not do what ive been accused of but cant say anything YET because she doesnt want them adding the accusation of breaking confidentiality to all this. Apparently she cant understand why they have not questioned her about anything. It all just feels a bit cloak and dagger to me, is this how fact finding is conducted just speaking to who they choose? Soy you probs all bloody bored with this n
  4. Hi everyone thanks so much for your replies and help on this I appreciate this so much. Just had couple of days off stressing about the whole thing. Here is an update though........ I did not sign fact finding notes, instead I typed a statement and also a couple of questions and answers that I felt were not recorded correctly, glad I took my own notes soon as I left meeting. Anyway I gave these to fact finder and he looked through them and said it was fine.......he then noted i am on 2 weeks annual leave from the 25th and then asked me if I would come in if needed (for any further meeting or
  5. Hi Thanks for reply. The answers given by me are not word for word and just one line answers and even sound like I am blaming other staff which I would not do. After i came out of meeting i jotted down some notes myself because I wasnt allowed a witness with me...........Ive put a letter in with notes and statement relating to questions I was asked but not signed their notes just my hand written statement...........im also on shift at weekend with one of the two casual staff that were on duty that day . By the way how long should it have been after allegation should I have been questione
  6. Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it. Ive since found out (from notes taken at meeting i had) that its about making cakes that someone said I took home. The notes are wrong, well the wording on them are, ive been asked to sign these and take them to work. I still dont 100% remember that day but i messaged girl I was on shift with and asked her and she replied......yep my first time ever making rainbow cupcakes but id not documented the activity but I had 3 days earlier.........I would never steal anything and if i was that way inclined why would I openly do this in front of 3 other s
  7. Hi I have worked for a company (supported living) for past 8 1/2 years. Two days ago a manager came to my base and after 20 mins of faffing about asked me to come to our head office because he wanted to ask me a few questions.. ... a fact finder....nothing to worry about (his words). Once there he introduced me to the note taker and added that she used to work for the police. ..........he then pulled out some notes and questioned me about my activities on a certain day.. ....which was roughly four weeks previous. I stated the obvious fact that he was asking me to
  8. To be honest its a really strange set up. When I started work here a few years ago as a permanent worker on 25 hours a week contract I was told that unless I signed the casual register then I would not be able to do any extra hours. This register was really just a typed letter saying welcome to the casual register (this was same letter given to casual workers too) and stated the following That I was not employed by RMBC, not entitled to sick pay or annual leave. Thats it really, not signed or headed. When permanent staff picked up extra hours they were paid the casual worker rat
  9. Hi there is a massive thing going on with casuals where I work (local council adult care). Some of the people on casual register work every day (and have done so for years here) but a few months ago they were made to take random breaks from working...... as and when suits managers, breaks are a week made to be taken once a month apparently this whole set up is done in order to get ou of offering permanent contracts and the employee rights that go with that...........casual workers receive a payslip every month showing hours worked and so on, no mention of forced weeks break. Also they were a
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