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  1. Thank you M B I was just about to do that.Thank you to eveyone who contributed and read my little rant.
  2. I think you had better read the threads before you comment g+m.I think you are confused.
  3. My appeal was changed to something I never said.I think it is perfectly reasonable and logical to ask why.If it is legal and in order why be so defensive?. I am not asking for state secrets,just a simple line of explanation would do.It is like saying to a child who asks something you cannot explain and saying"because I said so".Not good enough.
  4. I have paid the charge, but that does not mean that I can not find out the real truth of why this was done and by whom.If I find out that the decision was made just because the council could not rebut my original appeal,then I will go to town on them and give them some free publicity.I don't suppose that will worry them unduly,but then again they don't like to be scrutinised and in the public gaze.I'm visious are'nt I?.It's the arrogance of council staff to think that they don't have to answer to anyone that gets me.I have very good quality free legal advice,and that is why I am on a mission
  5. I have'nt given up, and if I have to go to a court of law I will.I simply can not allow anyone to change my words and get away with it.It's as simple as that.The way I look at it is this.If I tried that it would be looked at as attempted fraud or getting money under false pretences.There is the fact that they did'nt adress my initial appeal,but something completely different. What I really need from readers is ideas on how to make this as public as possible ie newspapers etc.
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply.I have'nt told the full story.I appealed it to the the adjudicator and lost.The adjudicator said that stalling and breaking down were the same thing,and he said this with a straight face!He also said that I was parked against the kerb,I pointed out to him that I had a slight advantage over him on this issue as measuring things was my lifes work.I told him that my wheel was at least 8 or 9 inches from the kerb, and that my other wheel was over the white line in the middle of the road.This could be clearly seen on the video.The lesson to be learned from this is no
  7. I appealed a penealty charge notice on the grounds that my car had stalled(100% true)The time between stalling and moving away was 76 seconds,this was caught on the council camera.The council refused my appeal on the grounds that I had stated that I had broken down and wanted proof from a garage ie. receipts, vat invoices etc. for parts and labour.Now the council know full well that I never said that I was broken down, and have the video footage of me stalling and moving off to prove this,so why would the council change my appeal.Is it because they could not rebut my appeal and decided to chan
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