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  1. me to newbury clever man this mr kettle must drink red bull and sleep with his eyes open
  2. or just phone customer services and request back statements to the date you want 5 pounds regardless of if you want 1 statement or 6 years worth they were very friendly with me
  3. yes mate i phone the customer services and requested back statements from when i opened my account and was told there would be a 5 pound charge which would be debited from my account took about 4 days they are not the same as a normal statement but if you use your loaf they are pretty easy to understand good luck
  4. sorted now thanks had to put the date in american style month/day/year
  5. Ok so here we go statements recieved charges worked out= 1656 pounds :twisted: interest worked out= 173.67 pounds :twisted: letter to bank filled in and just about to be hand delivered wish me luck 8)
  6. Ok so here we go statements recieved charges worked out= 360 pounds :twisted: interest worked out= 44.02 pounds :twisted: letter to bank filled in and just about to be hand delivered wish me luck 8) 18th march recieved letter from barclays stating my letter has been passed on to complaints department and i will be contacted by them by th 24th march lets hope so hey
  7. thankyou paul you are a certified genius i think that it should be put next to the spreadsheet that the date must be inputed american style month / day/ year but thank you again paul
  8. is that just an automated reply as im sure you can understand i have read the forums and i can find no answer to my question which is why i ask.
  9. do i have to put the interest amount on the letter before action or does that come at a later stage????? kindest regards
  10. hello there thats what i thought but it doesnt matter how many new spreadsheets i bring up the same thing happens
  11. having real problems with your excel spreadsheet mate i can change the reason and amount with no problem but when i change the date incurred the 8% apr comes up with #VALUE! what am i doing wrong and can you help me correct it regards Tarby
  12. still comes up with hash value! whenever i change the date incurred
  13. ok so now ive realised that is was the spreadsheet that was already set up that i was suppossed to be using not my own DOH :? but now im using the actual template one its fine when i change the charge amount but when i change the date it the 8% total field says hash VALUE! HELP
  14. hello just wondered if someone can help ive created a spraedsheet with al my relevant information regarding bank charges dates and days since occurance as per the guide in the library just stuck on the next step of how to work out th interest on the charges is the spreadsheet supposed to do it for you or is there a magic button that i have to press not overly computer savvy all advice gratefully recieved p.s. im sure someone has alraedy posted and been answered to about this subject but for love nor money can i find it thankyou.................
  15. hello all just recieved all of my statements from halifax and im mortified due to how many times ive been over my overdraft since sept 03 and how much ive been charged ranging from 20 pounds to 60 pounds per charge anyway the question i have is that i have over 20 occasions in my statements which say " interest debited -notified last month" ranging from 3 pence to 4 pounds 28p and i was wondering whether these charges can also be reclaimed or whether they are standard bank charges all info gratefully recieved many thanks
  16. halifax complaints address Halifax Bank PLC Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG Customer Relations Geographical - 01422 333880 General switchboard at Halifax Geographical - 01422 380880
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