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  1. hello everybody! question just to see if i am right i have a property currently let in uk i moved to uk last december and i started working as employee in the monthly statements i see some taxes deducted in the self assessment i filled in: approximately 4000 for the rent received from the tenants around 4500 with the amount of the P60 from my employer as i can see i have to pay around 300 of taxes by the 31st january 2013 but if i am already paying some taxes in the monthly statement why should i fill the self assessment with the amount of the P60 re
  2. Thanks Steve, I always appreciate your replies I got a quote stating the works to carry on and it was written from them I sent them the quote to "refresh" their memory what if they keeps silent and if they don't reply to my calls? usually my messages ends in their voice mail (better to say my calls always go to their voice mail) thanks again
  3. hello everybody, 2 problems, 1st with builders second one with tenants upgrading a property the builder repainted the property leaving a mess one wall is damaged, the toilet leaking and the sink in the basin as been replaced with another one even if we asked to have a new sink with a mixer tap how can we have everything sorted? 2nd problem the tenants signed a contract till the end of January but they wanna stay other 15 days (till the middle of February) for free because the house was dirty we ask to the letting agency to proceed with a general cleaning but the let
  4. thanks for your mail yes, i totally agree the letting agency and the tenants are dealing with that hopefully
  5. thanks Steve, i called the letting agency who advised me that when the new tenants moved in, the agency took the meter readings now they will call the tenants to ask to the tenants for the actual meter readings so we can advise the new supplier and swap the meter readings with prepaid ones hopefully many thanks
  6. hello Steve, thanks for your reply the letting agency and the tenants changed now i was trying to replace the old gas and electricity meter readings with prepaid meter reading but in order to proceed the new supplier wants the meter reading (for example gas12345) i sent a mai to the tenants and called the letting agency to no avail any idea? many thanks
  7. hello everybody! the letting agency managing the property advised that the tenants are asking to have these things sorted: 1) the tv isn't working 2) one blind slats on a window and it keeps falling down the letting agency asked me if they can send somebody to have a look i fixed combi boiler, and the bathroom because necessary for the tenants but i am not sure if we should fix tv or blinds what do you suggest? many thanks marco
  8. hello, thanks a lot for your advice. i really appreciate can you please give a quick look to the contract just to see if there is anything dodgy? many thanks marco
  9. hello everybody! thanks for your replies i got a reply from the agency who is supposed to take over from the previous one... Unfortunately I am unable to advise you in relation to your contract with the current agent, if they have a new tenant lined up for you are you not happy to continue with them at least for the next year? it looks like i am totally alone in the storm LOL letting agencies are really a disaster i will try to see what i can do but it is unbelievable... the letting agency is not paying the rent.. signing contracts without asking... i think i need a lawye
  10. hello Steve_M, thanks for your promt reply. i really appreciate it from their web site i can read: When the original term expires:- Unless otherwise advised by you, the agreement will continue on a periodic basis Upon instruction from you, notice can be issued to renew the tenancy. Notify you should the tenant/tenants apply to renew for a fixed term. When the tenant decides to leave we will:- Contact you to find out if you would like us to re-let the premises; Commence marketing; Negotiate fully the deposit return (in the case of student properties),
  11. hello Steve_M, thanks for your reply. i understand your point... but if i sign a contract starting from the 1st of july 2011 and i gave to the letting agency a notice 2 months before of the end of the agreement to get the property available at the end of june.. when should i advice the letting agency if the agreement states at least 2 months? that's the biggest concern and how can i get rid of tenants letting agency, get the key back and be able to let another letting agency take over? many thanks marco
  12. thanks for your advice at the moment the letting agency is not paying me the rent and for the previous ones there were always delays i talked to the manager and he said that they will try to find another property for the tenants who signed the agreement i have called a few time ago another letting agency and signed the management agreement starting from the 1st of july can i advise them to take care of this issue? many thanks marco
  13. hello as i can see i gave them the notice of 2 months 5. TERMINATION 5.1 Either party may end this agreement by serving not less than 2 months notice on the other, such notice to expire no sooner than the last day of a period of the tenancy. 5.2 If either Party: 5.2.1 Being an individual or in the case of a partnership any one or more of the partners becomes bankrupt or has a Receiver appointed over his affairs or: 5.2.2 Being a company goes into liquidation (except for voluntary liquidation of a solvent company for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction) or has
  14. hello everybody, i have a question i let a 2 bedroom house through a letting agency to 2 students the contract started the 1st of july 2011 i sent a letter by post as "special delivery" and a email saying that i wanted the key back and the property empty for the end of june but i got their reply this is their reply: "We have already signed tenants up for your property, who's conract begins on the 1st July 2012 and will run to 30th June 2013. As outlined in the management agreement you have signed, point 5.3, if you want to keep these tenants and pay us the fee's we w
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