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  1. I have recieved my claim form but I cannot remember which of the two listed failings my policy covered. I am considering using both the listed failings and explaining that in either case the policy was mis-sold. I am seeking guidance because the MSE site states that only one of the listed failings can be used in the claim form. Any thoughts on this welcomed. The other issue I have is the declaration. The declaration states: I confirm the information I have given in this form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I agree to release CPP, the Business Partners and the Business Partner Affiliates, each as defined in the scheme from any firther liability for any claims I may have against them for the types of mis-selling covered by this redress scheme as long as they comply with the payment terms under this redress scheme, as set out more fully in the scheme documents. I have no problem with the first sentence, it is the second paragraph that concerns me, as such I intend to cross out the bold section and replace it with 're-pay me all the monies I paid to them in full, plus interest at 8.0% p.a.' Any thoughts on this approach welcomed. Final questions; Can my claim be legally refused because a)I do not have a black ink pen to fill the form out with? b)I do not write in capital letters? Pedantic, I know, but still. If it's of any use, I think my plan was either Card Protection Plus or CPP Card Protection, as I remember being able to add all/any of my cards onto the policy. Thanks in advance.
  2. First post, hello caggers. Corporate are not even registered with the BPA. See here: britishparking.co.uk/AOS-Members According to the DVLA, only ATA registered PPC's can apply for keeper details from them, so in other words, Corporate cannot get any details from DVLA. So unless you contact them they will never contact you. Are they still using the old 'tickets' with a sticker over the top section on the reverse?
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