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  1. I am going with this: When I parked my car, no single or double yellow line were visible. I approached the road from Ellis Street and could see no parking restriction signs. Upon closer examination of what you describe as a yellow line, what remains is in a very poor state and is so worn as to be virtually invisible. I have attached a picture for your reference. Just to confirm for the avoidance of doubt: The state of the line is barely visible. In fact I'd go as far as to say that the fact that they are in such disrepair is indicative that they are historical and not being maintained any longer (in other words, they've been abandoned). There is also no sign of a T-Bar. I see no signs that restrict parking at this location. I would ask that you please cancel this parking ticket as I believe I have not parked incorrectly. Any suggestions?
  2. Indeed, Gough Street City Centre. The location on street view shows a double yellow but that must be from years ago?
  3. Hi all and thank for your advice. The parking location is outside a boarded up old warehouse, there are parking bays along the street but they were full. I was not on a corner, not blocking any drive or leaving my car in a dangerous place. Seems a little harsh of the council considering the disrepair of the markings.
  4. Cheers Sailor Sam, No to the controlled zone. Certainly no signs restricting parking during certain times on the road. So are you simply saying I just say "the line is indistinguishable as a yellow line"?
  5. Hi all, Been searching the forums for a definitive answer for my parking fine but struggling to find an answer. I had parked on what I generally believed to be on an abandoned yellow line on the outskirts of Birmingham City Center. The line is barely visible, very broken and has no t-bar (picture attached). They have said that I was parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. If you think they are right then I will take it on the chin and pay the £70. Just looking for the perfect wording to reply to the councils decision that this is indeed a solid yellow line and clearly visible. Thanks in advance...
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