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  1. This went absolutely fine. The judge rejected the eviction as GE Money's possession order was incorrect and stated that I had no arrears, so therefore there was no reason to evict us.We have now come to an agreement that we are both happy with.
  2. Here goes, are there any late payment charges included in the £15k arrears ? - there are about £4000 payment charges what was the reason for the arrears? - originally due to an incorrectly set up direct debit, but then we had some money problems that added to it, how many children do you have living at home? - we have two children living at home, although one in 18 next month. is the mortgage in joint names? - yes the mortgage is in the name of both myself and my husband. I don't know if it makes any difference, but this is a second mortgage, they both have 8 years left and together co
  3. Ell-enn I did affix a copy of the letter to the N244 when I submitted it. The lenders are GE Money and yes a draft letter would be amazing as I don't know where to start. I feel as if a weight has been taken off me just contacting you. Many thanks to all of you for your assistance.
  4. I did attach a budget form which proved that we could afford the proposals that I put forward, but have not heard of the Norgan case law before.
  5. The arrears are quite large (15,000) although there is still 8 years left to pay. I did keep a copy of all letters I have sent, and I also faxed it across to them. In the Q10, I put about the offer I have made, and that they have not responded, that our circumstances have changed which will enable us to pay more each month, about the offer to have it taken from source and my daughters exams.
  6. Padja Many thanks for your response, yes this is a first eviction notice, I will call Shelter today. I have also offered them the money direct from source out of my wages to see if this makes any difference.
  7. Hi I have received an eviction notice for 10 May 2012, and have managed to get a hearing on N244 on Friday 04 May 2012 at 1030. I could really do with some assistance for my defence. My circumstances have changed slightly and I have offered the company (GE Money) the monthly payment and £200 a month towards the arrears and they have not even responded to my letter. Also, my daughter is right in the middle of her GCSEs and this would likley knock her off track and ruin her future. Any assistance would be gratefully received.
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