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  1. Thanks, I will ignore. I thought as much, you cannot make a successful appeal hence the reason they have not provided me with the criteria for a successful appeal. All they are after is money. A friend was saying they clamp cars. I think I will avoid parking in their car park any time soon whilst they chase payment so they won't clamp my car. Is it legal for them to clamp cars?
  2. Hi Guys, I need some advice to deal with the above parking eye (PE) PCN letter. I was sent a letter with a picture of my car that I exceeded the time allowed by 32mins. I replied explaining there were long queues and a member to staff who was dealing with an item I was waiting to purchase was called to do something else and had to wait a long while for her to come back. I sent them copies of the receipts for the purchases I made whilst I was at the store. They came back saying my appeal was unsucessful. I did not meet the criteria stipulated by the landlord of the site. Without statin
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