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  1. thank you ploddertom...... without this site we would have been lost with the various issues we have faced....... thank you to everybody that has helped us and others to sort issues that without this site would most probably have escalated far more.. big thumbs up to CAG
  2. at the time of doing the stat dec my partner was told it was matter closed unless the police wanted to start the process again.. we have moved since then but wasnt until october last year so the courts/police had 10months. And the driver/car details where changed with the dvla at the time of the move so they have no excuses this time... my apologies it was a red light offence not speeding! my partner had no problem with the fine part of it is was everything else they wanted to add. but then again thats stockport mag courts for you. and as of now my partner is layed up in bed after having
  3. this happened to us at the begining of 2013... we got a further steps notice at our address but rest of the paperwork had gone to a old address so had no chance to answer or defend.... we wrote to the court and explained this and also included i i&e form showing our money situation. plus 3 doctors/hospiatal/care worker letters outlining issues regarding health a vulnerability and the court just informed us they where passing it to the bailiffs.... only after speaking to a member on here where we aware we could do a stat dec... which we did... and this was for a speeding fine. and we have n
  4. i get your point now i just didnt no when it was filmed and had to google it. still regardless the conduct of the EA and the companys as a whole are disgusting and like has been said complaints need to be made.
  5. was this not filmed last summer before the new rules come into play? looks very sunny a warm in most of the program! same with the driving instructors car the other week. its all very wrong
  6. did anybody else notice they said they would seize the roofers van if he didnt pay?? would that no be classed as work/tool of the trade???
  7. TT i have not thrown insults to anyone i was stating a point about HCEOs in general not to a individual...... i was meerly stating if the companys did there jobs properly before trying to enforce there peace of paper it would save a lot of problems especially in the case of HCEOs ... im not going to say anymore on the subject and i did apolagise if HCEO took it personally but also he should of realised it wasnt directed at him....
  8. i dont dispute what you say and im not throwing insults im just stating that if they did there jobs properly then i (we) wouldnt have a problem........... HCEO i didnt mean offence to you personally. ive only had dealings with 1 certain company which isnt liked much on here or anywhere else. so maybe my judgement is biased a bit on my (our) experiance with said company as they didnt do anything as they should so i do apolagise.... that company has given all hceo companys a bad name..... just maybe a bit more research before wading in would save a lot of problems i suppose..
  9. OMG I was at Manchester Court last Thurday and sitting outside when I went in was a man and women, I do not know her but, the face (wearing a very loud shirt for a court appearance) was familiar, only now and reading this do I remember where I had seen him before, his photo is on the website of the 'other' forum!!!!!! which he owns.
  10. i agree PT they like to think they are different because they have "special" powers so they say ...the words "high court" give them super powers so they think...but when it comes down to it they are not much different and they charge ridiculous amounts of money that most dont have.
  11. i totally agree with you... WD will vouch that we had similar amounts to a similar debt.........not right at all they make things ten times worse in my eyes as people who cant afford the debt certainly cant afford the debt with there "steep" fees added.......... and i for 1 would not say sorry if my comment is read by any but i think they are the lowest of the low and in fact after checking they added £1300 for a debt of just £695.....making it £2100 pound near enough ....rant over
  12. the 1 thing i couldnt quite believe was repossesing a car at 1am???? surely that isnt right??
  13. from what i belive the mediation isnt allowed to be discussed in court....all the court gets to no is it either worked or failed.......
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