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  1. Hello My husband and I have got our dip for our morgage but I have had a thought by my solicitor the lady who done out dip never asked my marital status? We are married but I still go under my madden name but use Ms instead of mrs . We have an offer accepted on a house and we are both nammed on the dip now I have been up worry about this will it make a difference if it doesn't say married on the dip ? Like I said were both on the dip? Do I need to tell the morgage company this now and will it have to be a new dip again etc or is it just simple to change my title/status on the offer if everything goes to plan ?? I have also never changed my name on anything official? Any help is much appreciated my solicitor said she needed to my status so I'm assuming that's for some sort of documents? Were ftb aswell Thanks for the advice
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