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  1. Thanks for your reply. I won't have to do that as I no longer have the card. just not sure what to do next
  2. Hi I would like some help with what to do next with a letter that I got from Vanquis Bank. I sent a letter to them to re-claim mis-sold PPI & got back this letter in reply. I refer to recent communication regarding the possible mis-sale of PPI or Repayment Opition Plan. We do not offer PPI against any of our credit card products. We do however offer Repayment Opition Plan. I can confirm that the ROP was discussed following approval of your account. The script used by our Rep clearly describes the features, benefits & cost of the plan. It would have been on that call that you agre
  3. Thank you Steve for the address. Is there a smpile template letter that I can use to send to the companies that I wish to claim back mis-sold ppi's Shaun.
  4. Ok that's not a problem at all. Enjoy youe time in Rome. Shaun.
  5. Hi I saw that you sent your PPI claim to Barclaycard for your Providian card, could you tell me address you used as I wish to reclaim my own PPI on the Providian that I had.
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