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  1. No because without your ex contacting them they would not know the details
  2. Going to be honest here. I don't think getting up twice a night for 15-20 minutes per time and sleeping in your bed would qualify your child for higher rate care. My daughter receives the higher rate - she is on sleep medication and is still up numerous times every night and requires almost constant supervision to make sure she isn't putting herself or others in danger
  3. Thats why I said 'plus any arrears'. I don't think he'll accrue any but its best to show willing
  4. You are wrong. Unless the new partner adopts the child they do not have parental/finanical responsibility
  5. No it doesn't work like that. Any new partner does not have financial responsibility for the child(ren) involved in the case.
  6. I think the worst she could do is ring the CSA and ask to change from a private arrangement back to where your ex would pay the CSA and then they pay her. She might have to open a new claim vis the CMS (new CSA service) which will take time to be set up etc In the meantime I would advise writing her a letter and sending it recorded delivery (so it has to be signed for) telling her of the changes and dates etc so she can't claim you didn't inform her. I'd also pay as much as you can each month once he's self employed until the business is built up and you can return to paying the £264 plus any arrears
  7. I did but I can't remember the date. I will have another look after the school run, I know where they are Edited to say I'm fairly sure (as in 99.9% sure) that I made the last payment in January/February 2009. I was pregnant with my son and me and my ex husband had borrowed a lump sum off my dad to pay off our card debt before I went onto SMP
  8. Oh dear. Another letter from Robinson Way this morning offering me a 50% reduction if I contact them by a certain date
  9. I can only speak from experience and please bear in mind this is an INFORMAL arrangement, nothing was ordered by the Courts. When I split from my ex husband both our children were in nappies and our youngest still on formula. During his contact (initially 2 hours but it increased) I supplied our children in clothing suitable for the time of year (sunhats, coats, scarves etc), a nappy bag (with enough for one change), bottles for the youngest and the double buggy as he didn't have one. He supplied his own nappies, wipes, cream, spare clothes etc. If he had to change clothes due to an accident then I would wash and return the next week. Now I just send the children with their coats/sunhats etc and he has spare clothes, pull ups for our daughter at night etc If your ex is working then it is reasonable to expect her to provide the things the children would need at her place. Even nappies wouldn't work out to be that expensive as they pack would last her a bit longer
  10. I know that. If they tried to visit they'd soon be told where they can shove it!
  11. Yes they must have been 'sold' in batches as quite a few got passed to MKDP around the same time mine did. Will have a look through a bit later. I'm about 90% certain on the dates but its just occurred to me I remember where I put the SAR information so will have a look through and see if I can find statements before sending a letter
  12. Ok, firstly I admit I did nothing about the PPI/penalty charges. Life has been pretty hectic in the last 12 months (both kids diagnosed with Autism etc) and this got pushed to the back of my mind. I had a few statements from MKDP but no more contact about paying the balance. Last week I got a letter from HOIST/Robinson Way saying it has now been passed to them and I need to call them etc. Am not going to call, in all honesty I chucked the letter in the bin! Niggling thought. Are Robinson Way/Hoist the type to make doorstep visits? Also I'm pretty sure I made the last payment to this card in January/February 2009. It was before my son was born and he turned 6 last August. Would that make this statute barred? If so is it up to me to write to them to tell them?
  13. If you claim Income Support as a Carer then you should only have to attend the Job Centre once every three years
  14. Why do you want to rent out a home that is going to be repossessed in 56 days time and leave the tenants homeless?
  15. These tablets lowered my blood pressure so much I fainted pretty much every time I stood up too fast! Swiftly took myself off them
  16. The CSA can't collect money from a non resident parent whilst they are in prison. I appreciate in this case there are arrears outstanding before they went to prison
  17. No it won't be because of your Income Support Claim. Someone has to phone the CSA and set up the claim and to do that they would need your details, your ex partners details and the names/dates of birth of the child(ren) involved. I have to say I don't think he is being honest with you at all. Can only agree with Unclebulgaria67 and advise that you write to the CSA asking for the exact details of this claim against you
  18. Well to be honest I did read the first post. Her ex husband says he hasn't claimed but why would the CSA be involved if someone hadn't have contacted them in the first place? They don't automatically get notified when couples split up. Someone isn't being honest here and I suspect its the OP's ex husband
  19. Pay it. It is reasonable to expect the non resident parent to contribute towards the cost of bringing up their child. Even if on benefit they can still take a certain amount from you each week
  20. Are you subject to the bedroom tax in this property? Thats why I pay a small amount of Council Tax
  21. It doesn't matter how your marriage ended. It doesn't matter what debt she has left you in. They won't be taking a random figure and they don't need a Court Order. It is reasonable to expect you to contribute to your child's upbringing. I'm presuming its for one child in which case it will be 15% of your take home pay plus an amount towards any arrears (if any have been incurred.) The amount are standard - 15% for 1 child, 20% for 2 and 25% for 3 or more
  22. No it is not illegal and there doesn't have to be a Court Order in place. Basically when you make a claim for CSA you can chose 'Direct Pay' which is where your ex partner pays you directly or you can use their 'Collections Service' which is where you pay the agency via an Attachment of Earnings Order and then the agency pays your ex partner. Doesn't matter how well off her new partner is, his earnings are not taken into account at all Why will your claim end in 5.5 months? How old is your child? Edited to say you as the non resident parent don't get a choice in how you pay. It is your ex partners claim so she chooses how she would like to be paid i.e. Direct from you or the Collections Service
  23. Answer to number 2 is always leave yourself plenty of time to be on the platform a few minutes before the train arrives
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