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  1. Hi, thanks for that. Could they put it on my credit file?
  2. Doo i need to respond to the request from current dca? Any ideas why its not on my credit file? I didnt always get statements these only reappeared about 12 months ago
  3. Another point i get American express statement each month saying its been passed to a dca
  4. The top of the letter states creditor American express.
  5. Hi i sent it to American express and they sent it back. They assigned it to srj and wrote confirming this the same with Vilcollections and firstsource. Dont know why its not on my credit file
  6. Cca request sent a couples ofcyesrs ago and they sent me a copy of my credit agreement.
  7. Hi all i have an old American express debt which was originally passed to srj and i made a payments arrangement odf 10 per month but cant find the paperwork. It thrn got passed to Vilcollections who said this was a goodwill gesture and kept asking for an income and expenditure form. I didnt provide this but continued to pay them. This then got passed to firstsource llc confirnmed by American express and have continued to pay them without problem. i have had the signed credit agreement from American express. How i have now received a letter f
  8. The final loan was taken in april 2010. So its not a recent thing. original loan was for 200 but i kept borrowing more over time . First loan taken in July 2008. the loans and interest were repaid in full untill april 2010. All of this is quite my own fault, and i have been very stupid with pdls over time. But never again! They are eithre paid off, been disputed and amounts considerably reduced and ive survived the payday loans nightmare! This is the only one left that im not sure what to do with. Ive got the statement
  9. Hi final loan taken out was £850. Interest was 161.90 plus 30 late payment fee when i defaulted making a total of 1041.90 ive paid off 456.90. However i had taken out several loans before that so ovrr time have paid them a fortune over time. Many thanks
  10. If I stopped paying, what could they do? If I continue to pay a nominal amount can they take any other action?
  11. Thanks for that, I still owe them £500+ so no problem taking some off!!! However, I am surprised that they haven't chased me, and have ignored the fact that I am only paying £2 per month. Ive also noticed a lot of their high street stores have disappeared......... Do you think it would be worth me just stopping payments when I get down a bit lower, or should \I tell them I am taking off my costs?
  12. Hi just wanted a of advice - I had a pay day loan with these, and after defaulting managed to get reduced payments. However, although I asked them for bank details on many occasions they did not give them to me and I paid via postal order, sending it recorded delivery for several months. I am now finally paying them via bank transfer at £2 per month. Do I have any rights to take off postage and postal order costs as they would not respond and give me bank details? The debt is not on my credit report. Many Thanks for your thoughts
  13. Hi Renegade Think Finance told me to pay Rox as they were now dealing with the account and that everything must go through them?
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