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  1. Thanks Tiglet I don't think I have any recent photos of the carpet, but it really wasn't that bad. When the carpets were cleaned a year ago after a fire they were in a worse state than they are now and came up perfectly. When I moved in I had to have the carpets fumigated for fleas, which the landlord paid for. Although the final months rent wasn't paid and they seemed ok with this, they are now threatening to take me to court for breach of contract as well as the carpet, could they do this?
  2. Nope, no inventory, just an invoice for the new carpet, not anything from a carpet cleaners saying it was beyond cleaning
  3. I know I have probably dug a hole for myself slightly, but please help me dig my way out! I gave notice on a shorthold tenancy and an end date was agreed. We moved out, but because the landlord had been quite difficult on occasion I witheld the last months rent. The landlord attended the property about 2 weeks before the end of the tenancy and agreed that as long as the house was cleared of my possessions when we left and the carpets were cleaned they were happy with the state of the property. We arranged that as they would be away when the tenancy ended, we would call them with details of the carpet cleaning company, and they would let them into the property. They have now replaced the carpet and sent me a bill for £300, it was rubbish carpet, but they are claiming it is beyond cleaning (which I don't think is true). They claim that it was new when I moved in, I have been there for 21 months What can I do?
  4. OK well it's been a while, I issued the claim and they have entered a defence, AQ due to be filed by 07/06/07. Is there currently a standard defence that HSBC use that I can have a look at?
  5. Oooh go on then, as long as I can afford the trip across the bridge ;-)
  6. OK, no reply to prelim, so LBA here we go
  7. I'll post cos my sis is a lazy madam and probably wont! (star2544) She has had the letter through agreeing the settlement, but no cheque yet, will keep you posted
  8. Hi guys, Doing a claim for a friend who isn't feeling confident enough to do it herself, only a little one for £360.00 plus a default. Prelim being sent tomorrow
  9. OK, hope this will clarify things a bit. The OFT said last year that £12.00 was the MAXIMUM charge credit card companies could use. They have yet to give an opinion on bank charges. They are du to make a report in March. It is doubtful to be retrospective. Experts have suggested that it costs the banks a maximum of £4.50 per bounced DD or overlimit transaction. I would say to just carry on with any claim as is.
  10. Off we go again! The family business account this time, just over £2600 in charges over 30 months (no wonder we got into trouble) Prelim letter being sent today.
  11. Hi all Well my exceptionally lazy Dad has passed me this job to do! So I am trying to get all the details of charges for him (hopefully he does have internet banking, he isn't sure bless him). Otherwise DPA letter in the next couple of days
  12. Reppir, can you please re-post this in the Lloyds TSB forum, we will be able to answer any queries you have there
  13. I agree that cancelling the SO will cause more problems than anything. My sis is worried that unless she witholds the rent for a month, she will not have a deposit for a new flat.
  14. 6 months assured shorthold tenancy, started 12 October 2006
  15. OK, this situation has now escalated (star is my sis) The landlord has reacted to further complaints of the damp and also a faulty bathroom today by suggesting that he is going to give her notice to quit. Obviously this is unreasonable behaviour, but what should she do? She has cancelled the SO for the rent (due tomorrow) which I have advised her I feel is unwise, and just weakens her position. She has decided that the best option is to move out, as the landlord/tenant relationship has broken down too far, which i agree with. I have suggested that she sends one last letter to LL, stating that she wishes to terminate the tenancy, be reimbursed for the damaged furniture, and have the deposit returned with no deductions. Failing a reasonable response, issue proceedings in the small claims court in 7 days time. She was already sent 2 letters, about a month ago, and a week ago. Advice please
  16. I would suggest writing a letter to Argos card services (enclosing copies of any correspondence) outlining the situation. I would send copies of this to bcw and cabot, so that they cannot claim to be unaware of the situation. I would continue paying bcw until another comoany confirms that they have taken over the debt. Hope this helps
  17. yes, just nice and simply 1, 2, 3 etc, with an index at the front It would be great if you could start a thread in the Barclays forum, with your story so far as your first post. We can help you with any further queries there too
  18. Nothing warrants the lateness, they just know they can, so they do
  19. Owedloads, you should wait 14 days after the LBA you sent, unlikely to get a response, but it's the standard timetable
  20. Thanks, I will take that as a compliment (even if it wasn't meant as one)
  21. Hi googly, Please set up your own thread, it makes it a lot easier for us to keep track and help you I have asked the mods to remove your email address from the thread, it's not a good idea to put your personal details on a public forum. If you need help, please read the FAQs, and statrt a thread in the relevant forum, we can answer and queries you have there http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/
  22. No worries JB, the FAQs apply to all of the banks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/
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