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  1. Thanks for the reply G, Still don't feel any more at ease though, to be fair anything that results in a £7000 fine is probably not seen as minor. Although maybe the distance between me and the charge is helping. I think the screening form is initially setup so that it encompasses all levels of staff and based on the role they then maybe decide what kind of disclosure they do e.g. basic/enhanced (I'm in scotland, if that makes any difference). God knows, thanks for the input anyway mate.
  2. Hi There, When I was 19 I was paid for IT work, fixing laptops etc with dodgey cheques to the tune of about £7000. Obviously this came back to bite me in the butt and I was in a position that my lawyer was saying If I deny knowing I felt the cheques were suspect I could face 18 months in jail. The alternative was to admit that I felt they may have been suspect and pay the lot back with 300 hours community service, which I did (seemed the less painful of the two at the time). This resulted in me getting a criminal record. I'm now 34 and have two magic little kids and I'm very set
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