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  1. Hi I have recently won a ppi claim back from the hsbc, however, they are telling me that they are going to keep it to set off against a bank loan. The ppi was not on the loan, but on a loan that has been settled. If They do not return this money then I am going to not only fall deeper in debt, but my whole life style will go. Due to the reccession I was put out of work and I am still out of work.At the time I had enough funds to repay the loan, and offered to do so.I even made extra an payment, that was returned to my account. However the hsbc refused to accept my offer, and told me that under the contract the loan had to run its course. I explained to them that if I am am unable to clear the loan, then I would fall into default once my funds ran out. This did not make any difference. The loan went into default, and eventually the hsbc took me to county court.(another story). The debt has been offset against my ex marital home, under the ruling that if my ex wife should sell then the total debt would be recovered. I did not get the chance to defend my self in the court, as I was away from home and my mail was not able to be forwarded, as I live on my own now.
  2. Hi, I am sorry to bother you, but I am having trouble working my through the site for the information that I need. I need to know what rights I have in referance to a ppi claim being held against a debt, and by doing so, puts me deeper in debt. A lot more is involved, including harressment by phone, and denial of evidence regards davdel
  3. Hi Again Ryan, As you are probably aware, you are entitled to the cctv and any documentation regarding you and your mother under the data protection act. You will however need authorisation from your mother for any thing regarding her, as you can only request documents and cctv relevant to you. So be sure you get the correct authorisation. I would advise a wittness if your mother signs, as they may use her memory loss as an excuse,not to release on her signature. good luck your mum must be proud of you.
  4. Hi Ryan, I am not sure how RLP can assume that the help and information given to you or others, is unsuitable or unqualified. Legal information is available, and some of us actually try to find out information before passing it on. As they seem to think we are uninformed, I would like to point that when detaining someone, as with the police,REASONABLE FORCE are the watch words here. Members of the public and private security firms are liable to assualt charges, if more that reasonable force can be proved. difficult but factual. As you may or may not be aware, but in the past, officers of the law have been taken to task for using more than reasonable force.
  5. That was a deplorable way to treat anyone. I would look into the fact that the gloves were kept, and if you can get the reiept from your auntie, then I would look into taking the woman to court for theft.
  6. Please help me, In 2003 I took out consolidation loan with the HSBC. I made most of payments on time through direct debit. On some occasions I was forced to cancel a payment, only to pay it later. This was fine and the bank always sought ways to help me, as I was a contractor and there were times I was out of work. Howevert things drastically changed when the recession hit. I was out of work and no prospects in sight, I contacted the bank and explained the situation, I had sufficient funds in my account to clear my debt. I made an extra payment against the loan, this was returned to me informing me that I could not make extra payments under the loan agreement. I then offered to pay off the loan including the interest up to the term of the contract. This was also turned down. I made a further phone call, and explained to the bank, that I wanted to clear my loan debt to them, to prevent any form of default, as I was not able to find work. No matter how hard I explained it to them they refused. The consequence of the refusal, was that I eventually had no more funds to make the payments. They had also refused to pay on the PPI against unemployment. Since this my wife and I have parted company. The divorce settlement gave me 40% ofthe marital home. This however did not culminate in funds as the property is under a life time mortgage for equity. I was contacted by the metropolitan collections agency demanding full payment of the debt £12,000 plus costs. I had by this time employed a debt management agency to handle my affairs. The handling my debts by the DMA, was not very good, and they confused my accounts and failed to make the payments of off my loan account. When it was eventually sorted out, metropolitan had employed a firm of solicitors, who were taking me to court. I was eventually taken to county court. The court ruled that the debt be put against my share of the house, to be paid if the house was sold, or I was in receipt of a cash settlement from my ex wife. The bank put me in this situation on the grounds of their refusal to accept payment in full. I have since won a claim against them for the failure to honour my PPI cover. Metropolitan have said that they are keeping it to reduce my debt. If they keep this then they are only putting me further into debt and creating a greater hardship for me, as I am only on a state pension. I have however made an offer for them to retain £1,500 of the settlement, as I have topay the company who worked on my behalf, to make the refund claim. At this moment in time I have not heard from
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