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  1. Hi, because no one has replied at all, I'll talk to myself The new franchise holder contacted me saying they were going to continue with the prosecution (I hadn't been able to contact them..) and asked for the original amount demanded. Those who have or are being prosecuted for being unable to produce a ticket in non compulsiory ticket areas (I found outr today I wasn't even in an area where tickets are compulsory..) AFTER travelling should really check section 18 part 2 of the Railway Byelaws and have a think about what it implies if someone demands money with menaces AFTER a jour
  2. Hello I'm appearing in magistrates court imminently because the now defunct First Capital Connect (FCC) are pursuing prosecution for a failure to produce a valid ticket at Finsbury Park station. I'm pragmatic about this and have attempted to settle with FCC without success, various parts of what happened leading up to the court date make little or no sense.. So here in brief. I travel once or twice monthly from and to Finsbury Park overground station. Travelled to Finsbury Park with valid ticket, exited train on newly built platform which had no ticket barriers unlik
  3. Greetings all, Longstanding MBNA credit card profit centre here, agreed token payment of £1 monthly Sent CAG SAR, proved receipt at MBNA's proper address more than one month ago, less than one week before 40 days are expired. Sent CAG request for CCA, proved receipt at MBNA's proper address more than one month ago. 12+2 days expired over a week ago. No response at all to either, should I send another template from CAG next ? And or any additional action ? Debt allegedly sold on at an unknown point in the last four months ; MBNA sent me an undated letter stating
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