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  1. any help please i rang cab and they are saying because ive sold the bike (as a non runner) i dont have a leg to stand on so now im in debt for buying a new bike and now i need to find £160 to pay him off i lost so much on the original bike what a mess i am in
  2. Hi the bike was an aprilia rs 50 (2000) i had not paid him as i cancelled the check the original problem which he knew was that after the bike had been running for a few minutes it would cut off and he said that this was down to the stat (start button) so he said he had managed to get one second hand of his friend for£90?.The receipt i believe is something that he made up as my sister asked for a receipt and he looked shocked and written it out in front of her but she said you could see he was trying to add things on there what he had done.He had not mended the original problem that was on the bike and when it broke down on the way home i rang him when i got back and told him the check would be stop as my son is walking 3 miles with the bike as its broken down he did offer to come back out but considering he had had the bike 6 weeks and still not mended it there was no chance i was going to let him have it again another god knows how many weeks i was paying insurance on it the tax was running out and yet my poor boy was getting very frustrated and now he had to walk 3 miles with it after waiting so long for it to be repaired .The receipt does not have the reg of the bike on just the date and a few jobs on like a new spark plug (we bought a brand new one so knew that that was not needed)putting fearings on stat button thing etc.. sorry im not very good with bikes.Thinking about it he did ring me up saying that he had to replace the whole stat as you couldnt buy just the bit he needed so therefore i had to buy the whole lot he said brand your looking at £200 with out fitting so thats why i went second hand,i have since rang a aprilia specialist and they said even second hand thats expensive `.++++
  3. i rang a gentlemen that offered to come out to look at my sons bike as it wasnt running properly and it kept cutting out after 5mins of riding it. The guy had the bike for over 6 weeks and after many frustrating phone calls we got a call saying it was the stat motor (the start button) and it was going to cost £90 second hand and the rest off the bill was labour. The following day myself and my son went to collect the motorcycle 9.30 and my son asked to put the fearings back as we could see he was busy he was rude and said no. Anyway got the bike back 3 hours later and 3 miles driving back the bike broke down. I rang him and told him the work he has done has not solved the problem and i was stopping the check. He offered to come out but in my eyes what was the point he had the bike for 6 weeks i could not afford for him to have it any longer. A friend of a friend said i needed a new top end £100ish) new exhaust and that there had not been a new stat motor fitted. We have sold the bike for$400 we paid over £900 putting things right i just could not afford any more money on it. Was sold as a non runner. Now the mechanic guy has sent me a letter giving me 7 days to reply and now im so worried that he will send some guys round which as im disabled and on my own is worrying me to death i can sleep im worrying so much. How do i stand h also forgot to mention the back bearing went as my son was riding it home so we had to put that rite as well. Now my friends fella that had a look at it is not a professional mechanic but does do a LOT of motorbikes jobs fixing building etc... please anybody what can i do im so scared but at the same time i cant hand over such a large amount of money to work that did not even fix the bike ay advice help please. much appreciated 5 days left to reply to his letter or further action will be taken:???:
  4. Hi all thak you for everything you have written well now my laptop is working i rang them told them my circumstances and they sent me a ESA3 now if i am correct this is the wrong form is the the LFT form the correct one i need? help plz.
  5. Thank you how can i get a welfare rights representative?.You are certainly right i do want to tell them first,I believe honesty is the best policy and all i can do is be truthful i feel much better knowing that my benefit will not be suspended until a d.m has looked at my form once again thank you for everyone who is giving me all this information.
  6. Hi Mmjan thank you so much for your reply,yes he is the farther to my son and as i get L.R.C i give some towards him and my son my career lives 40 miles away so i also give him some petrol money i have no family around me so he is the only person i can ask.I am so worried on what to do i am stuck as i can not afford for my money to be suspended . Apart from a duvet and pillow at the side of the settee and a toothbrush in the down stairs wash room then thats all that is here for my career he has no mail here no belongings everything is at his home in lincoln.He understands that when i am having a bad day he knows that i am unable to look after our son and he also helps me out with him as well.Where would you suggest for me to go and get help thank you so much
  7. Hi Nystagmite i am on income related E.S.A i have not paid enough N.I ty.
  8. Hi Mmjan i do not mind you asking we did have a relationship over 10 years ago but did not work out and have just remained very best friends. I do receive D.L.A and he is my main career,like your aunt we share nothing he sleeps in a separate room has his own down stairs toilet/wash basin he goes home to have showers , i have a shower room upstairs my condition can cause my back to spazam and even turning in bed i need help as the pain is excruciating and is impossible without help and i need help washing dressing etc...He would only be stopping through the week as my son says hes ok helping me through the weekend.My career has got children and he has them at the weekend and obviously he goes home but as i have said my son is ok with looking after me at weekends .I know that some people can say that this looks like a relationship but he is just my career and this is what i am so worried about because all i can do is tell the truth but what if i feel the form out and they class me as being in a relationship i would appeal against it straight the way but what happens to my E.S.A? will i have to re-apply and go through that again?,thank you to every one that is helping me on this i really do appreciate it.
  9. Why would i have to put in as living together hes my career??? he does not pay rent he will only be staying 4-5 days a week sleeping on a sofa he is not here at weekend as my son can care for me as its not school day,all of my careers mail,clothes belongings etc... are at his parents house which he classes home.I find it strange that he would have to give me all of his personal bank details wage amounts etc.. i have no right to ask that he is only my career.I did ring the benefit helpline who didnt quite know weather it would effect my benefits so i will have to ring E.S.A up on Monday and see what they say [i must point out that my so is doing his G.C.S.E this year so very important he gets his studying time and good nights sleep).why did i have to need the care i am such a burden it makes me more depressed than i already am so difficult
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