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  1. thanks Hammy - but they've had a change of heart this morning and agreed to let me go foc at least I agree with somebody here
  2. I read the page on the UTCCR which silverfox1961 kindly pointed me at. It appears to me that it relates to 'goods' and the seizing of 'goods' rather than services, which in my humble opinion is what I think I am dealing with. Thats why I said I didnt think it was applicable. If you understand why it's applicable in my case would you please be so kind as to explain that to me. Or if you have other specific information which you think might be applicable I will be very grateful for your input. Otherwise I thank you for your input so far but I agree with you that there is little point in
  3. speaking personally I dont think it was. I pointed out the specifics of my questions several times and asked renegadeimp again and again to address it specifically - which he/she didnt, at least not in manner that I as a lay person could grasp. I agree with that. However I posted here because the provider does not agree. Therefore I wanted to understand on what legal basis I can address their reluctance. renegadeimp continued to respond with unspecific vagaries, which appeared to me to indicate that he wanted to try to find a solution without actually knowing what that soluti
  4. con artists and cheats - yes I couldnt agree more But I'm sure enough they are in the wrong and I will get success. Just trying to understand the technicalities
  5. If you've already said it why repeat yourself? and so if we're repeating please let me repeat my question (again): With the greatest of respect renegadeimp you have managed to make a load of posts in this thread without actually coming anywhere near answering the question. I notice you have almost 16000 posts on here. Are they all equally useless? It might be better if you dont know - just say you dont know, or say nothing.
  6. Hi silverox1961 thanks for reply a 'domain' in this context is a domain name such as consumeractiongroup.co.uk 'domains' are generally not 'owned' they are 'rented' from a national or global controlling body via a registrar. whilst I do think what they've done creates an unfair contract I dont think that UTCCR thing is really applicable. I have still control, its just they recently changed terms and conditions without notice meaning I have to pay to move to another registrar. Thus holding me ransom - which I think is probably kinda not illegal in this context ... maybe ... As l
  7. yes, thank you for those. altho I did know where they were I thank you for pointing them out. But as to my original question: it still remains unanswered I will be grateful for any input specific to that. for example this: can such a clause be included in a contract in UK consumer law?
  8. as far as I know the regulator with a UK domain is Nominet - But I'm not sure, do you agree? If so, as far as I know Nominet have no opinion on whether or not the registar wants to charge a fee to transfer away. Thats down to the the agreement between registrar and client. They are saying they are within their rights. I dont agree. The issue here is whether they have a legal right to change that agreement as they have done. And it seems to me that in order to compose a FULL complaint I have to understand that position - which I dont. And with the greatest respect your responses are
  9. thank you again for reply I have some questions: what constitutes a 'FULL' complaint? why do they have 8 weeks? what governs that time period? which is the regulator that will decide? and how do I invoke that regulator?
  10. I thank you again for your input and again I agree with you, but they dont agree. In fact they completely disagree. I have explained the obvious points several times via email. Still they are refusing. So it seems I must ask again: What are my legal options and levers here please?
  11. well yes we agree on that. (I think) However, as I said, as I have put those points to them and they are still refusing to allow the original terms (ie: free transfer away) to stand, claiming they have right to change terms "without the prior consent of the Client" So I ask again: What are my legal options and levers here please - to get them to honour the original agreement?
  12. 123-reg are domain registrars. They have introduced a new charge to transfer .uk domains away. This contradicts previous terms and very visible statements on their web site. They have given no notice of the change in terms. I want to transfer to a new registrar, and have asked them to waive the charge as it was not part of my agreement when I paid for domains there. But they are refusing to waive it pointing to a clause (that probably was in effect) that basically says they can do what they want when they want: Rather than me trying to explain it all in further detail maybe s
  13. Well that was 2nd May And I can confirm that no rabbits have been pulled from any hat since then and it still isnt resolved Today I've given Lee my opinion that as a company VF is "mealy mouthed and mean" Why?... read on: let me clear up @2grumpy first: VF's standpoint is that if they do not receive it they will not accept at all that a cancellation letter was sent, happily or otherwise. And they still claim not to have received my wife's cancellation letter. I paraphrase Lee from a few conversations ago who told me "you should have sent it recorded delivery then should
  14. Just a quick update to say Lee telephoned on Friday and was very helpful. Hopefully we can move the problem forward to a resolution. c.
  15. Rumour has it you are good - but I dont think you know who we are yet? Perhaps its magic! It was from my wife. I wrote it but she understood it and signed it.
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