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  1. still apply for the sar @mbna, but in the emanwhile call the the phone number for the mbna advocacy dept is 08009176562 and i found thats when i phoned they were able to tell meexactly when i would be paid and amount . try calling them and good luck x[ u will need ur fos case number]
  2. mbna advocacy office . 08009176592 hope that helps
  3. MBNA will only pay for the the part they had card, In my case i have had to make a seperate claim to santander for the pre MBNA part, Let us know how u get on with the charges AS i sucessfully claimed PPI but am still awaiting the charges part resolution x
  4. thanks Ims ................. not 64k this time but still worth smiling over even after they cut the 3k i owe them odd really that some choose to pay us back and some offset . !!!! oh well just 3 more minor cases now and my ppi funride will be over lol
  5. I just received confirmation from bcard of the amount i will receive for my missold ppi however they say only the balance will be paid to me as it will be initially used to offset amount owing on my credit card . My past sucesses in claiming ppi this has not been the case Barclays say they are entitled to pay off any balance hwoever small and which is not or ever has been in arrears can anyone help thanks
  6. wow Santander paying up on a store card............ woo hoo there is hope for us yet.... i have 2 satnatder store card cases ongoing , laura ashley and russel and brom, Did yours get refered to FOS ?
  7. do it yourself, i did with the help of my lovely caggers and just got 64k from mbna with just a few letters, try it u only have 30% to save !!!!
  8. i have won my ppi case with mbna and now put in my unlawful charges claim, waiting to hera but i will let you know how i get on especially as they have issued me a default notice since i didt pay last months payment
  9. Wouldnt have been poss with out all the help and support from CAG xxxxxxxxxxx thanks guys and please all of u who are midway thru process stick with it !
  10. hello. my original claim was rejected in nov 2011, my application at fos was regsitered 2nd jan 2012. I was told verbally that it would probably take a year for it to gewt to the top of the pile then lo and behold on 10th may got my letter saying mbna would make an offer after the 22nd may [ which was my deadline to say no ] then i believe it was 10th june i got an offer letter [ although i had received a verbal confirmation when i phoned] and the money started pouring in a few days later, Stick with it mate ........... my offer letter made me fall off my chair !
  11. I had same scenario ,,,,,,,,,,,,, mbna took about 3 weeks to come up with figs and my cheque arrived 3days later for one acc and 12 for the other, so hopefully in a month you wll be ready to book that holiday x
  12. Ha anyone had any sucess with next directory for ppi or are they using the store card ruse to get out of refunding[ ala laura ashley and russell and bromley etc]
  13. Identical thing happened to me and i got a back dated payment to 1996 ............good luck ! Seems to me mbna are rolling over and paying out so i urge you all to get ur refund application in x
  14. i had a similar situation with mbna and fos. it took 4 weeks for mbna ofer to come thru............. sorry!!
  15. the old store card saga rears its ugly head again!! Like many of us with store cards the response that the ppi we paid on them is not covered because of the type of credit licence and that the underwriters of the ppi policy shpould be approached , ,My Laura Ashley card falls under this, My understanding id that FOS are looking at a trial case against the underwriters of these policies to see if PPI can be recovered ths way,Sit back and think of England SIR as i fear we are in for a long wait for resolution ,,,,,,,,,,, if at all !
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