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  1. I have already written a full letter of explanation and explained to about 10 different people over the phone, im sick to my guts of them, they have mindlessly thrown the debt over to the DAC because dealing with customer disputes is too much for BT... i just want to tell the DCA to f**k off
  2. Can someone please tell me how i should sign the letter to them and if theres a template anywhere? pleeeeeease... thanks so much.
  3. BT billed me for £61 before handing it over to the dca, now the dca say it's £77....
  4. i have the assurances from BTCS on email, i kept them for reference.., but i assure you i dont owe more than £30 for my final month which i was happy to pay, until BT got nasty and started piling up the charges. Not quite sure what i should put in the letter, my first instinct is to blank them, i certainly dont owe the dca anything...
  5. My contract with BT ended on the 30th of march. i reluctantly and under quite a bit of duress agreed on the phone to a new contract on the 30th of march. on the 31st of march i called them up to say i wanted to cancel the new contract as i felt coerced and intimidated to accept it, (i am on benefits for extreme depression anxiety and acute sciatica) i agreed to pay the last month of my previous contract of £25 and any calls i made, (it was free antime calls anyway) i explained this to [the person ] of BT CS over various emails, and he said he would make sure i was not char
  6. hi i have recently won my appeal and have been moved into the support group from the wrag, but 3 weeks before my appeal i filled in the forms for my next assessment, will they still want to reassess me after the tribunal decision?? thanks and regards d
  7. So is Money laundering but our government launder billions every day, not to mention the billions they steal from the revenue of legitimate hard working taxpayers!!, trying to get your point across to someone who has been trained to ignore empathy and emotion of how bad a certain disability is is nothing
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