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  1. Thing is tho Emmzzi the depression does actually make you lose all confidence in speaking to people, esp a srtanger, I hardly speak to anyone at the moment and any stress point sends me over the edge. I dealt with the situation the besy way I could at the time. To someone who doesnt understand depression, I probably do appear irrational, I know that.
  2. I am not claiming it is depression related, someone asked if I had OCD. Not really a good thing to do to someone on his first day to tell him his flesh tunnels are making me sick, and say can you remove them please, not really my postion in the office. If you have a problem you go to management in the office I work in, they are supposed to relove issues not the staff
  3. I have been in redundancy position twice, both times they sent us home the day they told us, to give you time to think and clear your head. I think that is good policy by companys. My advice is go back in tomorrow if you are up for it, and think about what to say in your meeting. Think about your strengths and what you can offer the company. If you have a good attendance record that will be helpful. It sounds like they haven't made a decision yet, or they would have told you.
  4. No but I have a history of clinical depression, which my employer is aware of, and have been having a severe episode for the last month or so. They have told me they can not move him or me. Just find it stupid I am going to have to leave as I can not go back in and sit there all day looking at his ears. Wearing a cap is against the dress code - even tho deformed ears are not lol
  5. I have been in this postion once, I ended up talking to the others at risk and we all offered to do 3-4 day week if that would help keep everyone in employment. I think working as a team to resolve the issue impressed the company as they managed to keep us all, 2 months later we were all back to full time. Not always possible depends on others situations financially and if majority agree, also if company can do it logistically.
  6. A bit of a weird one, I have a sort of phobia regarding ear spaces/ flesh tunnels, they make me physically sick when I see people with them. We have had a new lad start who is sat right in front of me (sideways so i am looking at his ear) who wears them in both ears. Yesterday I mentioned to my line manager that I have the phobia and was physically heaving in front of her. I was told I was being melodramtic and get on with it. I went in today, after not sleeping all night worried about having to sit there all day lookng right at them, i sent my line manger and dept manager an email this morning asking if the person could be asked to remove them due to the dress code - which states all piercing other than earings are not permitted, and they were making me feel physcially sick. I havee checked the definition and they are termed as piercings not earings. They reply I got was they were aware of his "earings" at time of interview and they are permitted so there was nothing they could do. I have had to come home due to feeling unwell i was heaving at my desk, when I informed my line manger I need to go home she told me to go and sit in the break room for 5 minutes and get over it. I said I couldn't stay there feeling that ill, I had emailed this morning to try to resolve the issue and told nothing could be done. I am now at home and feel unable to go back in, I have been there over 2 years and love the job. Is there anything I can do to get round this - other than counselling for my weird phobia. Do i have any rights?
  7. Yes they are time and haf and day off in lieu. Some of us are happy enough to do it, others have child care problems or other arrangements
  8. Bit of advise required regarding Bank Holiday working My contract states I have 23 number of holidays a year plus 8 Engish Public and Bank Holidays, giving a total of 31 paid days. Elsewhere in the contrct under heading Hours of Work - it states "You will if necessary also be required to work additional hours in accorance with reasonable demands of the Company. The company also requires to alter your hours as required" The company have decided they want to open on the rest of the Bank Holidays this year, they have asked for volunteers but not had enough numbers to cover requirements. Are they in their right to make us work. I have searched internet and it seems a bit conflicting, and dependant on wordin of contract. Thanks
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